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    US Southeast East & Southeast The Garage Shop Meetup

    Not going to be able to make it now...Have a Kentucky Toyota Land Cruiser Association event that popped up unexpectedly that is focused on the Daniel Boone Back-Country Byway maintenance and access, so I think my time acting locally is needed this weekend....Have a great time everyone and I hope...
  2. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Are there any meet up events going on around Ohio?

    I'm organizing many different things around the region but have not put anything together for Ohio yet. I'll do a little research and see if I can put something together there. In the mean time I will be leading an expedition south to north in Indiana the first half of to still be...
  3. Ohio Valley Overland

    Upper Peninsula Trip

    I will....I'm hoping to have a finished route by the end of Feb....
  4. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Southeast Monthly Meetup

    Do you have a link to an event for a meet up?....I assume your talking Jan.14?...
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    Faux overlander

    There are lots of brodozers and fauxerlanders out there for sure. These heavy built urban assault vehicles are all over my town that never see dirt. I'll put it on the other foot though. This goes back to the idea out there among a lot of "wheelers" that overlanding are posers because they...
  6. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Ohio Valley Overland's Trans Hoosier Overland Route (T.H.O.R.)

    For sure....check the flyer for details...this late in the game though all the Off the Grid t shirts are spoken for...sorry OVO THOR FLYER
  7. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest Ohio Valley Overland's Trans Hoosier Overland Route (T.H.O.R.)

    OK here is a link to the GPX files...I tried uploading them to the Rally Point but it seems to not be working...
  8. Ohio Valley Overland

    Trans Hoosier Overland Trail

    WOW! Thanks you so much...This is why this is a special community. I truly appreciate your kind words. Thank you for your offer of support...if you could private message me your number if we have an issue that would be much appreciated...Thanks again!
  9. Ohio Valley Overland

    Trans Hoosier Overland Trail

    The trip is getting closer and closer every day. I can't hardly contain my enthusiasm for it....BUT....There is a dark cloud hanging over the trip. My mother is in very bad health and is nearing death. With her passing emanate it is very possible that I will not be able to attend my own...
  10. Ohio Valley Overland

    Off the Grid Trail Blazer 2.0 Pants

    Yeah you do need to follow the instruction that came on the label....I haven't had a problem with any of mine...I now have 4 pair and wear them daily. My build is the exact opposite of yours...I'm a squaty body and really appreciate the stretch fabric.
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    Rig Photos

    Love seeing all these unique rigs
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    US Midwest Ohio Valley Overland's Trans Hoosier Overland Route (T.H.O.R.)

    A few updates about the THOR: I am proud to announce that we have secured two sponsors so far for the THOR...Hi Lift Jacks and Off the Grid Surplus are supplying swag for all the participants. Look for a mix of Hardgoods and Softgoods from Hi Lift and some sick clothing from OTG. We are...