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  • I'm up in Leesville, but would be willing to drive as far as Lafayette if my schedule permits. @Bulldog22 look up 4x4 Off Road Life. It's a group based out of The BR/Lafayette area that does guided rides on an old deer lease property up near the Mississippi state line. I've been there once and plan to make more trips.
    I just joined overland last week. Rigs and coffee sounds good. We joined a local jeep club, but it seems that all they do is pavement rides. We are looking for a group that wants to explore and isn't afraid to use the jeep for it's intended purpose. I am still mostly stock. 2017 Rubicon Recon. Added the winch and stinger and 1.5 spacers. Hoping to lift it soon and get 35s.
    Just learned about the rally point feature... I'd like to create a 'rigs and coffee' meet-up in South Louisiana sometime soon...
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