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  1. nudavinci64

    Beer and Rigs SF Bay Area Monthly Meetup - 11/04/2017

    Possibly. May go to Alpha Acid for their can release.
  2. nudavinci64

    Beer and Rigs SF Bay Area Monthly Meetup - 11/04/2017

    I am game for Fieldwork in SM or Alpha Acid in Belmont.
  3. nudavinci64

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    You can always do both. The 4 wheel parts event is sunday.
  4. nudavinci64

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    A couple nice 3rd Gens in that color around here. Another guy up the street has a nice one.
  5. nudavinci64

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    Nice, another San Mateo rig. Anyone going to Hollister this weekend for 4 Wheel Parts appreciation day? I may go but not 100% yet.
  6. nudavinci64

    Folding Picnic Table

    I have the same sports ones, I could fit adults but I always worry they will break. I keep them more for kids now.
  7. nudavinci64

    2nd Gen Tacoma big brakes with OEM parts.

    I'll be attempting 2010+ 4runner 14WA Calipers and 348mm rotors this weekend. Mounting points should all line up fine. I am only worried about the hub and if the caliper mounting points are long enough with the tacoma hub to clear the rotor. I am running 17" Wheels which is also a requirement...
  8. nudavinci64

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    San Mateo here. Tacoma work in progress.
  9. nudavinci64

    Coffee Set Ups

    good point. Quality over quantity for me. Most people never realize the grinder costs just as much if not more than the coffee maker/espresso maker.
  10. nudavinci64


    When I was younger lifted trucks were cool but the idea of being able to get or go anywhere and be ready for anything has me hooked on Overlanding. Looking forward to many adventures to come. Finally gave the rig a wash and wax to clean up some desert pin striping so you all get the cleanest...
  11. nudavinci64

    Offline maps for tablet or smartphone....what app do you use?

    I second LeadNav. That is what I have been using along with CaliforniaTrailMaps which has overlays with trails and other topos etc but is limited to central/socal. Curious on checking out Gaia. I had seen that but was recommended LeadNav so went with that first.
  12. nudavinci64

    Coffee Set Ups

    That thing is sweet. I prefer to grind prior if I can. This may be the solution but damn that thing is expensive. Anyone use one of the old wooden coffee bean grinders? Those can be found cheap.
  13. nudavinci64

    Coffee Set Ups

    For camping/off the grid I have a jetboil french press or regular pour over using a Halulite kettle and a plastic over cup. In a pinch I keep instant coffee packets. Saw a few folks note Chemex and they are sweet. I use that at home for pour over after I recently received it in a box kit.
  14. nudavinci64


    I picked up a hammock recently but man this one is sweet. I really like how it covers all around if needed. May have to swap mine out.
  15. nudavinci64

    Mr. Heater in CVT tent?

    Good know it works great. I have been hesitant to put a heater into a tent.