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  1. Norvak

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    Edmond here, new guy to the forum. Been an Okie my whole life. My family has horses and cattle out in Meeker if any of y’all know where that is.
  2. Norvak


    Noob here. I’ve lurked for a while and finally became a member. I drive a 2019 Ram 1500 4x4 as a daily family hauler that gets me around the cattle pasture for fishing. I’m here to get out, explore more, and meet cool and interesting people along the way.
  3. Norvak

    New from Oklahoma

    I’m in Edmond. I wouldn’t call it a rig, just a Ram 1500. Eventually I’ll start modding it. This year was full of home repairs and buying my daughters first car, so low on disposable income :)
  4. Norvak

    New from Oklahoma

    Hi! I’ve been lurking here a while but decided to get serious. I do like how organized overlanding has become over the past 30 years. I’ve learned a lot from these forums and can’t wait to learn more. I think it would be fun to get involved and I’m sure I could drag some buddies of mine...