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  1. NorCalRam

    Decked failure

    I'd like to see how this one turns out. I haven't bit the bullet since the reviews are either raving or complete failure.
  2. NorCalRam

    tire and rim questions!

    Discount tire and other websites will have rims that fit. Most aftermarket manufacturers have the same "search" functions that will say what does and doesn't fit. Biggest issue would be caliper clearance, wheel spacers can solve some issues. You should be able to check your spare tire size to...
  3. NorCalRam

    US Rocky Mountain To the Arctic!

    This is coming across as very interesting! I will be watching this one.
  4. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Hey guys, did we ever get any videos up? I didn’t take hardly any footage. Need to remember the gopro and drone next time.
  5. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Sounds like a plan!
  6. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    This is what I found from Gaia. Looks like it has most everything you got as well. Few last minute questions. What the fuel situation? I have 2 5 gallon tanks I would be willing to leave at home. Are we doing comms? I have both Ham and GMRS. Any other things I may be missing since I didn’t...
  7. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Awesome, we will be there! Anyone have decent Gaia files for big bend and the surrounding area? Just want to confirm the address. 14310-A IH 35 Austin, Texas 78728
  8. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    I am in Austin but at the bar watching some football before a work trip. I’ll be back in town on the 22nd.
  9. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Hey everyone! This still on? Planning on starting camp here then spending a few days on big bend.
  10. NorCalRam

    Rig getting heavy

    Add air bags for when loaded to fix the sag. You can adjust as necessary
  11. NorCalRam

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Bought a fancy hitch mounted umbrella. I cook, clean, etc at the tail gate so works out well. Also scored a Weber baby Q for free!
  12. NorCalRam

    US Southwest Big Bend/Terlingua

    Sounds interesting! Driving some trails and camping out for the weekend?
  13. NorCalRam


    I have the single zone 63 qt ICECO fridge and it has been holding 36-38 degrees keeping the beers cold out in direct sunlight, by the pool in Austin, TX since March. It has held up amazingly with out issue. Had a small dent when I got it through Amazon so I complained a bit and ICECO sent me...