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  1. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain Moab Made Me Do It

    Sounds fun but I’ll be on a pre planned camping trip in CO that weekend.
  2. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain 3rd Annual Buena Vista June Jam (Colorado Front Range)

    I’ve been told by others that Chinaman gulch may be too much for my rig if I want to avoid damage. Probably won’t have my skid plates installed by then.
  3. NoCo4Rnr

    Molle Panels 4th Gen 4Runner

    Wanted to share an example to store your safety gear that keeps it within easy reach. A set of molle panels, which are available from several different vendors for the 4Runner, work well. This is on my 4th gen and allows me to carry fire extinguishers (with quick release mounts), first aid kit...
  4. NoCo4Rnr

    2 Days in Denver

    You could drive to Idaho Springs and eat somewhere like Westbound & Down Brewing Company, if you can get a seat. Then drive up Virginia Canyon Rd (279) to Central City for a rural drive with pretty views and a little snow. From there you could gamble in Central City, explore more, or easily get...
  5. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain Winter Weekender: Colorado Banana Belt

    Good tips Neal, thanks! Whatever we do will be a good time. I can bring some firewood and assume that if it’s fine to have a campfire there’s no need to bring my propane campfire. On Sunday I’d say I’ll probably cut loose by 2 so I’m home around dark but depends on what kind of fun we find.
  6. NoCo4Rnr

    OB Members Colorado

    Hi Sean, Nice looking rig and pics. Looks like you get out on trails quite a bit! Look forward to meeting in the future.
  7. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    Hey all. Some of us came into the park on Medano Pass and it’s fun, narrow, and not hard. We are going to Zapata Falls after breakfast for most of us then coming back and in afternoon, some may want to go up Medano, some hiking, dunes. We’ll drive by the coordinates I posted on the RP on the way...
  8. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    The website said the campground should open today at noon and three of us are headed down Should be there around 6. We will be at campsites 85, 86 and 87
  9. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    There must have been a cancellation. Good deal, see you Friday Tim!
  10. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    I currently see 7 rigs going because I haven’t seen a response from @Dumbo jk . Got a call back from GSNP Ranger this morning. They’re now hoping Piñon Flats campground will be open tomorrow or Friday. If it’s not the dispersed camping hasn’t been too full up Medano and there is also dispersed...
  11. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    That will be a good time! Thanks for the confirmation.
  12. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    I’d like to find out how many of you were planning to camp at Piñon Flats campground since we can’t count on it being open by next weekend? Are you planning to camp Fri and Sat, or which day? Yes, I was planning to include more adventures around as people show interest to see if some want to...
  13. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    Also it would be helpful if you aren’t able to go, please update your RSVP in case some else would like to go. It also helps with planning. Thanks!
  14. NoCo4Rnr

    US Rocky Mountain GSDNP Medano Pass

    It looks like the snow this week caused enough damage that they’ve closed the Piñon Flats campground for cleanup. There isn’t an ETA listed to reopen it. Medano Pass Road and the park is open but unknown if there are downed trees along the trail. I’ll keep an eye on the campground status next...