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    Home made trailer

    Weight? Lug pattern?
  2. noah.wass

    US Northwest Sunday Run

    Last minute Sunday trail run. I was planning on heading out to the Silver Star Scenic Area to explore. I have a 2004 4runner and will be sticking to basic trails (no rock crawling, mudding).
  3. noah.wass

    Off-Road Trailer Manufacturers Listing

    T Thanks for the mention of this trailer. I have added it to the list of trailers in the shared Google Sheet here.
  4. noah.wass

    Off-Road Trailer Manufacturers Listing

    The Patriot Campers are listed in the shared Google Sheet here.
  5. noah.wass

    Off-Road Trailer Manufacturers Listing

    I started compiling this list into a Google Sheet and was looking for a good place to post the link to this spreadsheet. Looks like I found the right spot. It's going to take a bit of work to update/maintain trailers and the information, so if anyone is interested in assisting, I'd appreciate...
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    Rent from overland bound fellows

    I really like this idea from a conceptual perspective. I would imagine that the renter would need to ensure that they have good insurance. Turo does something similar to this with personal vehicles. If you have a car that you would like to allow people to rent, you sign up for their service...
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    US Southwest Kukenam XL Ruggedized $1500 OBO

    Do you have pictures?
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    NW Overland Rally and TaT

    What day are you starting the southern part of the WABDR?
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    WABDR season

    We got a bit of snow this winter and spring hasn't been exactly warm. I've used the following site before for traveling and hiking. It's just a guide/estimation but it's better than nothing.
  10. noah.wass

    Portland Area

    I live in the Vancouver area and am looking to meet people to go exploring. [emoji106] I enjoy the Yacolt Burn Area just north of Vancouver.
  11. noah.wass

    Columbia River Gorge 3-day overland

    Section 1 of the WABDR starts in the gorge and heads North. You can probably consider the fire section as being 'in' the gorge just because it's such a large area. You won't see much of the River but that area is beautiful. You could also consider Forest service roads in the Yacolt Burn area...
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    US West Off road trailer for sale,$4500.00 obo,435-922-6337, Utah.

    I'm guessing because it is not directly stated that the tent comes with the trailer that the tent doesn't come with the trailer. :-) Can you confirm? Thanks. Great looking trailer, BTW.
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    Post Pics here

    There are a bunch of shooting areas in a National forest near me. Pretty easy to fill a garbage bag each time I go out. I get that people like shooting. I do too. Clean your me up!
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    Post Pics here

    Went exploring with my daughters and found a target shooting spot with TONS of garbage. Picked up two bags and will go back for more soon.
  15. noah.wass

    Wanted - Pacific Northwest - 8000 Lb winch

    Depends on the brand, model, condition, and if it comes with steel or synthetic line. Would prefer to stay under $500.