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  1. MrMark

    Las Vegas Jeep Brake Job Needed

    Yes, I am not one who likes to tamper with my safety and would like a good recommendation for who to take my 2016 Jeep Wrangler for a Brake Job... I live in Henderson, prefer someone on my side, but if they are good, I can go valley wide!
  2. MrMark

    US West Las Vegas OB members...A new hangout

    toroweap point.! Ever since I got my Jeep I've been meaning to get back up there. Waiting for the snow to melt then I am heading out there!!
  3. MrMark

    US West Official* OB Las Vegas Thread!

    Heading to Death Valley on Friday for the 2019 Death Valley Dark Sky Festival. If the cloud cover continues and the stars don't shine, plan B is to go for some of the sand dunes for photos. Daytime plans are open for other adventures..
  4. MrMark


    Having lived in Las Vegas for almost 20 years, I have learned one thing... People in this town hate to do meetups!! My first meetup ever, before we had the word, I had 21 people confirmed for the event (not off road) Only 12 people showed up who were not from Las Vegas and did not even do an...
  5. MrMark

    Is this one of us?

    Wow, what a thread. As a professional tour director who is a huge fan of Death Valley, I always have to shake my head at the people who travel there and think its like Disneyland. it isn't. Death Valley will test your ability to think and react. As well as make you have respect for Mother...
  6. MrMark

    What to have in a basic tool roll / Tool Bag??

    I am newbie to the jeep world. 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sports Unlimited. It's my daily car and weekend adventure toy. Nothing crazy, trails, washes and such. Putting together a tool kit for when we pack up the dogs and head off into the wilderness. What would you say are "Must Have" in a tool...
  7. MrMark

    Overland Ram Mount Solutions

    For someone who has ADD, this looks like a feast for the senses!! A full dash of lights, buttons and dials!!
  8. MrMark

    Overland tunes

    Sirius XM Channel; #350 Red, White and Booze. They play Kid Rock next to George Jones followed by Skynyrd... Eclectic, but it works!!
  9. MrMark

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Never knew something so small would be such an issue. Do I do the side panel by the trail emblem or on the rear door under the window?? Decisions, decisions! Plus how do they hold up in the heat of Nevada??
  10. MrMark

    Just paid the man!! Overland Bound Member Number #16314

    Just paid the man!! Overland Bound Member Number #16314
  11. MrMark

    Vegas weekend

    Greetings, I always recommend starting at the welcome to Las Vegas sign. Go an hour north on I-15, head out thru Valley of Fire (if you have been to Red Rock, think of this as Red Rock on steroids!), exit the other side at Lake Mead National Recreation area,. Cruise thru that. Then head over to...