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  1. MilSpecAuto

    Overland Photography

    Where is the location of the second picture?
  2. MilSpecAuto

    Overland Photography

    Those are amazing!
  3. MilSpecAuto

    Overland Humvees and Hummer H1's

    Hey guys, My name's Christian and I'm from Mil-Spec Automotive. We create all types of Hummer builds for an overland lifestyle. Wanted to join to be apart of this community and to hopefully help with vehicle, build, and repair questions as well as be able to show you guys some of our builds...
  4. MilSpecAuto


    Hi everyone! My name is Christian and I am from Mil-Spec Automotive, a company that makes overland vehicles based off of the military HMMWV original-use model. We have military humvees and Hummer H1's as well as some other cool vehicles (International trucks, HET 8x8 and more). Figured we can be...
  5. MilSpecAuto

    What is overlanding to you?

    To me, over landing is about creating an adventure and experience wherever you can go. Me and 3 other friends started a company that makes overland vehicles, MIL-SPEC Automotive so that we can create vehicles for people who constantly want to be traveling and experiencing the parts of the U.S...