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    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    Using my iPad Pro 11, Seems like somewhat frequently, if I'm adding and removing layers, changing opacity, GAIA seems to hang and nothing displays except my own waypoints, tracks, etc over a blank canvas. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Hello from North Texas!

    Great truck & great plan!
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    MVUM trails vs USFS roads

    Dude, this is a great question and one that routinely frustrates me as well. The short answer is, 801 is a road maintained by Colorado's Park County. So the USFS doesn't include it in their MVUM. I think the maps would be way more useful if they identified all the roads contained within the...
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    This is AWESOME!!!

    My thoughts, take them with a grain of salt... Looks like it will need a lot of data bandwidth and processor. Which isn't necessarily a problem. Based on the preview the video, a lot of functionality is still going to require a data connection to your mobile provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc)...
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    Hello from Missouri

    Thank you! Where do you like to camp/explore/go off road?
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    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    I went with an inflatable Advanced Elements kayak last month. I set it up for solo use and I'm loving it; it tracks straight and glides really nicely. I have the backbone / spine bar for it... I see that as a necessity. I like not having to worry about fastening it to a roof rack...
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    To the artic circle and beyond

    I'm picking up a Skycamp later this month. How do you like it? Do all 4 of you sleep in it comfortably? How did it go traveling with your dog on a long distance trip?
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    Anyone around the St. Louis area got suggestions?

    I'm in O'Fallon MO. I have an Outback as well, and a Wrangler on order that should be arriving within the next 2 weeks. My favorite places nearby are Lost Creek Road (as mentioned) and Massas Creek Roads. Farther out, I love the Glade Top Trail south of Ava, MO. The sights & scenery along...
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    Hello from Missouri

    Hi Everyone! I'm MidwestTrekker from the St Louis, MO area (specifically, O'Fallon MO). I'm a 52 y/o Ozarks native who wandered out to Arizona for 7 years spanning the late 80s / early 90s. I'm new to the term "Overlanding" but have been "4wd camping" for more than 30 years. I began 4wd...