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  • Then up and explore then head home..... Creeks, rivers, lakes, are all good but not necessary. Looking somewhere between pyramid lake and Eagle Lake. Capable rigs and experience, just looking for a few routes to explore and have some time out with a 3 rig group.... any advice?
    Maxsterblaster.... Looking to come up your way for a fall shakedown run. .. 3 of us looking for and easer 2 night, 2 camp locations. Looking to camp fri, do some exploring and then camp in a separate location sat night.
    Hello! We want to do a winter test overnighter and are considering going in Plumas National forest off 395 west of Honey Lake. Do you know of any spots? Is there a lot of snow there now?
    the build has kinda changed directions. i released i was way over building and decided to take a step back and use the K.I.S.S. method.
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