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    SVO ....Small Vehicle Overlanding

    I think when they took the switch away on the 4x4/Auto Escape, they took out the wire harness behind the dash. Also probably need to have the ECU reflashed to an earlier setting to enable manual 4x4 shifting.
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    OB Approved Chain Saws

    This comment reminds me of when I had a boat. Hours spent waiting in line at a crowded boat ramp waiting on someone trying to launch a boat that hadn't touched it in the last 6 months or year, pulled it out of storage, and had no idea why it wouldn't fire up and run on command. I always...
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    What is your rigs name

    Extra points for having a super cool rig to start with!
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    Picture Proof Thread

    Scuba diving in Antarctica. You guys have too much time on your hands....
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    I love all the yellow labels warning the cooks that the hot things may be hot! "Tell me this isn't a government operation..."
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Did brake rotors, pads, shocks and new hub lockers on the front of the trusty FoMoCo. Before: After:
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    Fog Lights

    You mean like these?
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    What is your all time favorite band?

    You realize you're dating yourself with that comment, right? Millennials will be so triggered....
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    What is the one spice

    Is Cholula a spice?
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    Krazy Beaver Super Shovel hear it told, LAVs couldn't get stuck.......? ;-)
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    The official OTO "Ozark Trail Overland" gear thread!

    I'm glad this thread exists. When I got married, I inherited 3 stepchildren to add to my own 2. If we were going to hit a trail, there was simply no way we could afford the high-end gear for all those kids. Especially knowing they'd soon outgrow any interest in things to do with parents...
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    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter

    Luck of the draw. Some days nothing, other days, a traffic jam. You can set your radio scanner to listen to them running a de facto UNICOM up in the UHF band. A busy day in Star Wars Canyon: 36 passes captured.
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    Truck Bed Tent?

    I can vouch for the Kodiak Canvas tent. Get yourself an AirBedz air mattress and you're livin' large.
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    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter

    Did somebody say aerial photography? Father Crowley Overlook at the rim of Rainbow Canyon is a great place to watch your tax dollars in action. 36.3658N 117.5015W
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    Overland Hound

    Chester the Coonhound. He'll find you Moses and the burning bush if you tell him to. Although his default state is....sound asleep.