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  1. Kilo Sierra

    Noobie from NH

    Congrats! I've been studying but so far haven't taken the test. Did you go through a local club?
  2. Kilo Sierra

    Xterra Registry

    Guess I should set up my rig page on here from now on so I can edit it.
  3. Kilo Sierra

    Calling all NH people.

    Welcome! More towards the Seacoast myself!
  4. Kilo Sierra

    New Hampshire noob here!

    Welcome as well!
  5. Kilo Sierra

    New Overlander in MA

    That campsite looks really familiar. I think we stayed there like a month ago!
  6. Kilo Sierra

    This Thing Is HUGE!

    Interesting design. I just checked their website and it looks like only Coyote and Black are available right now. Really like the Green though. Currently have a Truck Ruck that I'll be testing out once I get the Tire Carrier installed.
  7. Kilo Sierra

    Mud flaps or no mud flaps?

    Mudflaps are fine for mild offroading where you're taking dirt trails/tracks where you're not too worried about getting hung up. If you're doing anything technical you risk pulling them off. I had rears on my X for years (Rallysport not the rigid OEM ones) and I loved them. Travelling on...
  8. Kilo Sierra

    New Overlander in MA

    Welcome from NH.
  9. Kilo Sierra

    Newbie in NH

    Welcome from a fellow NH resident! I work over at the Pease Tradeport.
  10. Kilo Sierra

    New members!

    Welcome from NH.
  11. Kilo Sierra

    New member introduction

    Welcome from NH.
  12. Kilo Sierra

    New to the forum from IN, but not new to Overlanding

    Welcome from NH from a fellow X'er.
  13. Kilo Sierra

    Noobie from NH

    Works for me. I'm relatively new to it so I'm still trying to find some good trails. Check out /join ExploringNH as well. They are a good group of guys/gals that know the area and often try to do runs of varying difficulty. They do have and enforce minimum equipment lists (which I imagine you...
  14. Kilo Sierra

    How to pass the time on longer drives

    I usually listen to talk radio most of the time. When nothing good is on I'll just throw some music on. I usually keep the volume rather low so that it's just background unless there is something I'm interested in. I really should get into podcasts. I listened to a Science & Technology one...
  15. Kilo Sierra

    Noobie from NH

    Welcome from NH.