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  1. J

    US West Las Vegas OB members...A new hangout

    Toroweap is amazing, spent a few days there Thankgiving 2019, heading up there in two weeks for a couple of nights. Have to have a Backcountry Permit if you want to overnight, which I highly recommend!
  2. J

    US West Las Vegas OB members...A new hangout

    Have been wanting to do Mojave Road fora while!
  3. J

    WANTED used roof top tent

    Have a TEPUI Ruggedized Kukenam 3 - Includes an extra brand new replacement canopy (still in box).
  4. J

    US West Exploring Lake Mohave Area

    Sounds like a blast, but I have my daughter coming in for weekend from college, will catch you next time! Thanks for the invite.
  5. J

    Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 RTT - Las Vegas

    SOLD! Asking $1850.00 Local pickup only. Includes an extra color-matched canopy, brand-new in box! It's like two tents for the price of one! Tent shipped from manufacturer with a small snag in entry panel zipper, still works though and never needed to replace it. Cover screen-printed logos...