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    US West Selling 2012 Tacoma TRD Access Cab

    I am going bass-ackwards about this, but wanted to post this here first about selling my Tacoma. It's a 2012, gen 2 truck. Less than 70k miles. Has Toyota factory extended warranty out to 115k miles for 2 more years. I am the second owner, and some of the add-ons are from the first and some I...
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    Take over my Hiker Trailer order

    Trailer is no longer available.
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    Take over my Hiker Trailer order

    Hi, I have a Hiker Trailer 5x9 Midrange on order and am thinking that I want to go another direction. Looking to see if anyone is interested in buying the trailer when it gets built. If I cancel the order, it will cost $1,500 out of my deposit. Hiker has a 12 month waiting list. Mine will be...
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    SOLD 2nd gen Tacoma Expedition One rear bumper -No. Nev

    Sorry, sold it yesterday afternoon.
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    SOLD 2nd gen Tacoma Expedition One rear bumper -No. Nev

    I don't want to keep this bumper around, so if you can use it make me an offer.
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    SOLD 2nd gen Tacoma Expedition One rear bumper -No. Nev

    This Expedition One rear bumper is coming off my 2012 Tacoma on Thursday 6/21. I am getting a new bumper with tire carrier from Relentless Fab in Reno. It is possible I can get the folks there to ship the bumper if I have a buyer by Thursday. Bumper includes PIAA lights. Current hitch is factory...
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    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Have had tickets since the first day they went on sale!
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    Buying a rig from OTHER than the rust-belt...where would you go?

    I live in NW NV. Found a great deal on a 2012 Tacoma in Idaho. Use autotempest website to get a wide search area. I grew up in MN so understand the rust belt. Have lived in the West most of my life. Finding a good value anywhere west of Nebraska will get you a rust free truck.
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    OutdoorX4 Gear Guide Now Available!

    Anxiously waiting for mine to show up in the mailbox. The "its been shipped" email is a big tease!
  10. JLangsdorf achilles heel...

    You have had good experience with the BFG's so why try something different? They are great tires with an excellent reputation.
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    RTT Storage Solution

    I have been searching for the most painless way to store my RTT when off the truck. I have been looking at the different hoist options to lift it up towards the garage ceiling. Here is a Kickstarter campaign that looks to be very painless, if not cheap. I went with the SUV hardtop lift option...
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    Oerland to Overland Expo

    Dang, I would love to join you. I am in Gardnerville. Problem is that I will be in Las Vegas just before the Expo for work Taking rig and will then go to the Expo. Would love to see your route when you have it all together.
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    Axe & Shovel Bed Mount

    Relentless Fab makes nice dual quick fist mounting brackets for Toyota trucks.
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    Won't leave home without it.

    Single malt and a weapon.