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  1. JimmyJet

    2000 toyota 4runner sr5

    Yeah, I'll let you know if I ever make it down that way. I think I'm going to be hitting a trail near bishop in a few months.
  2. JimmyJet

    Hello from SoCal

    Great Rig, a friend of mine has been building a RAM up on YouTube. His channel is called Heathen Eagle.
  3. JimmyJet

    2000 toyota 4runner sr5

    Welcome @Joemel Iman, I am sure there are some epic trails out your way. I am in nor cal and have been meaning to make my way down there to try something new.
  4. JimmyJet

    New Member #6649 New Jersey

    Hello Arron, welcome from Norther California
  5. JimmyJet

    Hello All from the Southern Sierra Nevada's!

    Welcome from Northern California. You will have to let me know of some good fun trails out your way... I am always interested in new trails.
  6. JimmyJet


  7. JimmyJet

    Hello from Northern California!

    Hello @HeandSheOverland I am located Northern California as well.
  8. JimmyJet

    New member

    Welcome @RezJeep!
  9. JimmyJet

    New member intro

    Glad to have you here, I am new as well. Lets go exploring!
  10. JimmyJet

    Rig Photos

    Bobcat - 1991 Toyota Pickup with a ton of mods
  11. JimmyJet

    Hello Everyone, JimmyJet here

    Hey Jake, I stumbled upon your YouTube channel not too long ago. Your home isn't too far from mine. When ever your back from your epic travels, lets get a beer and chat YouTube. I could use some help. Maybe one day I could join you on a Trip.
  12. JimmyJet

    Hello Everyone, JimmyJet here

    Thanks everyone, glad to be here! Looking forward to rolling some trails with you all.
  13. JimmyJet

    Overland Bound Founding Principles

    Agree and comply. #4: We leave it better than we found it. - Cleaned up someone else's dirty camp this last weekend.
  14. JimmyJet

    Hello Everyone, JimmyJet here

    Hello Everyone, I'm Jimmy Jet from SnailTrail4x4, long time off-roader, fabricator, and all around goof ball. Not really new to overlanding but new to the site. I am located outside of Sacramento, CA. Bobcat (my truck) and I are trying to get out at least once a month. Looking forward to...