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    Griz's Build - 2017 Power Wagon

    Some progress on the build. Thuren front coils, front and rear trac bars, sway bar end links and King shocks all installed. The springs leveled the truck out pretty well. I now have 1” rake from back to front. The back is sitting at 44 3/4” and the front is now 43 3/4”. Carli diff...
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    2016 Ram Power Wagon

    Nice rig. Look forward to seeing the build.
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    Griz's Build - 2017 Power Wagon

    Quick trip set up last weekend. And pork loin. Some components are starting to come in.
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    Griz's Build - 2017 Power Wagon

    I finally got around to insulating and carpeting the topper. Everything went pretty smoothly. I ran out of carpet and was roaring in the sun but I am happy with the results. Lots of parts on the way. Suspension, sliders, winch upgrades and much more. Getting stoked to head out.
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    2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.

    This set up looks pretty slick. What are the specs on the panel? How do you like the Flexo Power? I am thinking about going with a set up like this. Really like it.
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    Griz's Build - 2017 Power Wagon

    After looking around and considering different options, I ended up ordered the Rhino HD roof rack from amazon. I am extremely pleased with it so far. It seems to be versatile and very well made. I think that for $375-ish I made the right choice. The install went pretty smoothly. It is a little...
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    Griz's Build - 2017 Power Wagon

    Hello everyone. Just really getting started on this build. So here we go...... My truck is a 2017 Ram Power Wagon. I am the first owner and it is was my first totally new vehicle. And yes it was love at first sight. Current Mods include: Suspension Modifications: Thuren - front coils, front...
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    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    2017 Ram Power Wagon
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    Sounds good to me. Have an awesome trip!
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    I am in New Orleans and looking for some local trails. If any one knows of anything I do appreciate it.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hello, I am new to the site and looking to meet people that want to get out and adventure. I am currently living in New Orleans. I drive a 2017 Ram Power Wagon. I get out camping, hiking, climbing, mountain biking as much as possible.