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  1. Herms

    Land Rover Discovery 2 Recovery Points

    Thank you for your reply Tinker. Must say your points on the vehicle does look pretty secure. I'm probably going to go the same route.
  2. Herms

    Land Rover Discovery 2 Recovery Points

    Hi Guys I want to make some decent recovery points for my Disco 2. Is there any one out there that has already done it and can share some pictures perhaps? Also if you could help me with suggestions on material thickness and bolts sizes necessary for proper recovery points. Thank you!
  3. Herms

    Complacency - The biggest risk to your Safety and Belongings!

    Thank you for taking the time to write the article. It was worth the read and I'll definitely take your advise.
  4. Herms

    Securing your site.

    Not much to ad, I'm just amazed that you guys actually have such problems. Over here in South Africa security is always in the back of your mind. In my minds eye I always thought that in America you can just pull over and sleep. I must say, I try and do my trips with at least one or 2 other...
  5. Herms

    The 12oz "Shower" - how do you keep clean?

    I really enjoyed ready your post, as well as all the other suggestions from the guys. I normally just warm a 1 liter of water, wash my face first, wet a small face cloth with a little bit of soap and water and wipe the rest of my body. Repeat with a rinsed out cloth and dry afterwards. What...
  6. Herms

    OB Approved This is for everyone, OVERLANDING Safety in numbers!

    What a great post and outlook on overlanding. I do some ocean sailing as well, half the reward is knowing there is some sort of danger involved and overcoming it. That is how we grow. We apply ourselves to the given task as best we can within reason. It's no fun if you don't make it back.
  7. Herms

    South Africa

    Hi there, I'm in Port Elizabeth.
  8. Herms

    Hi there from South-Africa

    Hi Wabbit, thanks for the welcome. I drive a ‘04 Land Rover Discovery 2
  9. Herms


    Morning guys, Herman here from Port Elizabeth, South-Africa. I look forward to being part of the overlanding family.
  10. Herms

    Hi there from South-Africa

    Hi Guys, I'm from Port Elizabeth, South-Africa. I've been following you guys on YouTube and thought I'd join in the conversation. I'm a family man, love the outdoors and exploring.