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    Washington Backcountry Discovery Route 2018.

    I'd be down for a trip. Been wanting to do this one for a couple of years now.
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    ARB fridge LED segment stopped working

    That has been my experience too, where ARB will replace the whole kit-n-kaboodle if you have an issue with their products. Great company.
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    Fridge Power Connections

    Great information here. Thank you!
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    A Little Taste of Moab, UT.

    Been looking at a trip to Moab this spring. Looks beautiful!
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    Hello everyone. My name is Mac. I'm from Covington, WA. I have a 2015 JKU Rubicon along with a Jackwagon Offroad trailer with a CVT RTT. I just recently got into overlanding the past year and am enjoying it immensely! Look forward to learning from all of you here.