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    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    Don, Is that the box from Harbor Freight? Search Results For "2-3/4 cu. ft. Steel Trailer Tongue Box"
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    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    Most of the inspiration comes from this thread and the owners forums on FB. I have the spring under kit already, plan to use wheel adapters on the trailer to run matching 4Runner wheels, add a MaxAir fan , LED lighting and a single battery and a bit of solar. Will purchase a 2500btu ClimateRight...
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    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    Picked this up Saturday......the adventure begins...
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    5x8 Trailer build

    Looking great! I'm getting a ton of ideas on how I should build out my trailer.
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    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    Looking great! Thanks for posting how you did the back storage area. I'm going to do the same, just didn't know how. I ordered my RangeRunner last week so your build is helping the time pass until t in my driveway. How deep did you go from the back door to the new diving wall?
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    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    I have yet to order my Range Runner. I'm still trying to decide on the 4x8 or 6x8. I like how the 4x8 will sit behind my 4Runner with less worries about turning and side swiping stuff. I also plan on taking down some narrow roads ( trees and brush) Which the narrower camper will help.. But I...
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    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    Looking great! A few questions! Was welding required to flip the axle or was it bolt on (Part number would be great) ? Also, same question on the rear stabilizers. I'm ordering my Range Runner this week and these are the first two items I want to address. Cheers, Eric
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    My little Lowe's Trailer build (in progress)

    I picked up the same trailer for under $300 locally at Lowes. I've done an axle flip and gained around 3" and extended the tong out about 4.5' feet to accommodate my 17' kayak. Next up some larger wheels and rack system for a rooftop tent also. I like the rack you have. will be interesting to...
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    InTech RV Trailer Build

    Great Mods! I have been looking into the Chase Flyer ( no stove or Fridge) . Some of the feed back I have received is that folks don't use the stove much due to no wind protection around the burners and the fridge is not very efficient . Any feedback on that? The Chase is around 10k OTD here...
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    OB Approved Members Spotted Thread

    Ran into a sweet red Toyota 4Runner with brass wheels in Ft Collins Colorado a few weeks back. Said hello but no picts. Didn't want to creep them out at the Chick Fel-a.
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    Hello from Roseville CA

    Happy to have found this group and so many locals. Looking forward to exploring with my 2018 T4. Cheers, Eric