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I'm a recently retired firefighter/paramedic from L.A. City Fire Dept. Married 40+ yrs., 3 grown kids & 7 g'kids. Wife retired last year.
We upgraded to a newer motorhome & purchased the Jeep as a dinghy. I really didn't know much about Jeeps other than playing with one as a kid & occasionally driving one in the service (called a Mutt, if I recall). I started viewing YouTube videos to familiarize myself with them, and the rest is history, as they say. I'm not even sure that I'll take it out that much, but I find myself looking at ancillary stuff to purchase, so maybe that says something...???
I would like to say I enjoy your channel & thank you for what you do.
Aug 16, 1955 (Age: 63)
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.
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2004 Jeep Rubicon.
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