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  • Headed out tomorrow morning for a weekend ride with the CJA, then a couple nights in Lincoln State Park.

    Overlanding and hanging out for the wife’s birthday, what fun!
    Winter 2021: Road trip exploring north Alabama and parts of the Georgia Traverse! Borrowed a friends teardrop to enable us to explore without limits!
    Getting ready to head down to the Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion! Should be a great time and lots to see. Also taking time there to serve with the Christian Jeep Association. Friends, Fun, and serving others!
    Another stellar week! 4th of July with some family, then a great group outing at Interlake SRA. Then a trek down to TN to round out the week! Adventure waits for no one, so get out there!
    Had a great weekender! First, some camping at Sullivan-Green State Park (Dugger IN), then adventure through Red Bird SRA (Linton IN). Great time out with some friends!
    Winter roadtrip from Kentucky to Arizona! It has been fun thus far, so let’s see what tomorrow brings!
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