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  • I looking at planing a trip to Mojave Narrows in Victorville, Ca sometime this spring or summer to do some fishing.
    I’m planning a trip to San Diego in a couple weeks to see some family and friends. I would like to camp away from campgrounds but there’s not many places to camp off the grid. So I’ll probably say at a KOA Campground for a few days.
    I went on my first solo trip had a great time and looking forward to doing it again soon
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    I Just returned from a solo trip also , its a great time to collect your thoughts and do things in your own time
    I’m planning my next trip now , can’t Waite to get back out there
    I finished my build in the back of my 2003 Ford Expedition 2wd. I’m in the process of getting more gear. I’m pretty excited to get out there and explore different places and enjoy Mother Nature.
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