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  1. Dave Alvord

    Anybody from Maryland?

    hey hey hey, Hagerstown here......I've been looking to go out this coming weekend or next week. I took a week long vacay from work....I was thinking about trying to find some of the sleepy creek wv trails or heading out to green ridge, if you're interested, drop a line
  2. Dave Alvord

    PA trail system

    awesome....thanks for the info
  3. Dave Alvord

    PA trail system

    I've scoured at least the first 8 pages of multiple sub forums and haven't found anything quite what I'm looking for.....many claim to have trails around Michaux St Park, which is a stones throw from me, but I know nothing about.....I also visit Ohiopyle regularly as well. Does anyone have any...
  4. Dave Alvord

    Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    If you're still looking for this, here, if I'm late.....for next time considerations....I'm pretty familiar with the 81 corridor as I live in Hagerstown, close to PA state line and define southern PA, your standards and mine are quite different I'm sure, however, close to 81, I recommend...
  5. Dave Alvord

    Anybody from Maryland?

    Yeah it is tame, and since GRFS is closing roads left and right due to wash outs, its becoming more tame...I've been scouring the forums and hotlinks though....The route that I had posted on with the road closures was actually good route....I'm interested in doing it if I can find some...
  6. Dave Alvord

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    hey, checking in from Western MD. I have a 2019 GMC AT4 which I run for both DD and having fun. I've been enjoying the offroad fun since living on the OBX. I test myself and my vehicle through various mountain regions, and road trips. Like the post above me, I love to just throw gear and go
  7. Dave Alvord

    Overland Hound

    My go to partner for anything outdoors...."Iris"....Airedale Terrier
  8. Dave Alvord

    Members Instagram ID

    @itsjustdavicito on IG
  9. Dave Alvord

    Anybody from Maryland?

    Hagerstown, newbie here to the thread....if anyone ventures and would like a running partner I am/we are usually game for some fun on the trails
  10. Dave Alvord

    VA Overland

    I don't know how much you know about Green Ridge St. Forest, but there are many roads and trails that were wiped out with the flooding over the summer, and have been gated closed.... I play around up there A LOT and have a list as of 12/23/18 of roads closed by the park service: CLIFF ROAD...