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  1. Cymon

    Camp Photos!

    Thanks! It was a unbelieveable experience. If you want any info on the outfitters we used to set up the trip and transportation just shoot me a message.
  2. Cymon

    Camp Photos!

    A vehicle got us here, but inaccessible by road, so Yurt Camping with the family on Tutka Bay in Kachemak Bay State Park in Alaska. Had to ferry in from Homer.
  3. Cymon


    Happy to officially be a part of the community although I've been following for a while now. We have a 2012 Subaru Outback, but our main family Overlanding/Recreation vehicle is a 2015 Toyota 4runner. Currently on stock suspension with Frontrunner Slimeline II 3/4 rack. Current mods/additions...