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  1. Craig Ebbers

    Jeep Patriot - Incognito Build

    I'm curious if you are planning g to upgrade the suspension? I have an 09 patriot, and with the whole family and all the gear I'm pretty sure I'm too heavy. I'm thinking of the rocky road upgrade.
  2. Craig Ebbers

    Jeep Patriot Overland

    Hiw do you like the rocky road gear? Also, can you give a bit more info on the rear tire carrier?
  3. Craig Ebbers

    Central Canada thread!

    Hi folks. Another Winnipeger here, but lived in Brandon for a decade and grew up in the interlace neat the narrows. I've got a Jeep Patriot that is my DD and family vehicle as well.
  4. Craig Ebbers

    New to the forum

    Any of the Patriot owners try stuff from Rocky Road? I was thinking of getting lift kit and sliders from them.
  5. Craig Ebbers

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hi, my name is Craig and I've got a jeep patriot. Not a traditional overlander I know, but it is also my everyday driver and has two car seats in the back for my boys. We enjoy camping out of our jeep, and look forward to doing more often when the boys are a bit older. We're from Manitoba in...