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  1. coondawg

    Alabama Meet and Greet 8/04/18 - 08/04/2018

    I should be able to come then, look forward to meet all
  2. coondawg

    North Georgia Tourist Trip

    Hope to be over that sometimes next month. Been going to that area for many years
  3. coondawg

    Nimbawill Gap Route, North GA.

    I'm going to have to do this soon
  4. coondawg

    Old Nc 105

    Thanks for reminding me of that, been there and need to go back soon!
  5. coondawg

    Georgia Traverse with a little bit of the TransAmerica Trail - 8FEB17 to 12FEB17

    Great pictures! Gonna have to do that soon.
  6. coondawg

    Blowing Rock, NC to Betsey's Ole Country Store via Globe Road

    Used to live in that area but didn't get a chance to do any off-roading mostly because of no 4x4. Miss living up there Looks like I'm going have to get back up there soon. Thanks for the info!
  7. coondawg

    Communications for the Beginner

    So no license is needed to use this one? Also what about the handheld CBs just for comma between vehicles
  8. coondawg

    Question: Toyota TRD 17x7 Wheels - 285/70/17

    I did a quick search and found a number of post regarding that wheel set up.
  9. coondawg

    Question: Toyota TRD 17x7 Wheels - 285/70/17

    FYI, look around the Tacoma World forums, as I am sure someone there has.
  10. coondawg

    CO Tacoma Expedition Build

    I'm thinking about a cbi rack or rci... How's yours doing
  11. coondawg


    Location: Central Alabama Rig: '17 Tacoma 4x4 ( just beginning to work on set up so its stock ) Experience: been 4 wheeling a long time but just found out about overland so I'm a newbie.