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  • Bent, a possible topic for a future Net if appropriate - I'd like to know how to connect to a Net on Echolink using a radio/RF connection?


    added to topic list. We did something like it a few topics ago but we can go over in more detail. Feel free to add these to weekly forum so others see that are watching that thread. I have gotten a couple of others so may put something up for the latest topics. Thanks for your input.
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    I will not be attending. However, you may want to post parking security outside that venue. It's a heavily populated homeless area with drug deals not uncommon. Car break-ins are frequent. Just sayin'.....
    Hey, I got a message that you tagged me in a Rally Point. Unfortunately, there was a problem and the message didn't have a link to the event; I can't seem to find any rally point in my area on the list.
    We have a pretty active EarthRoamer forum to share trail information, but I am always looking for other recommendations online. I imagine you have your own EarthCruiser forum as well. I have talked with a number of EC owners over the last few years at the Overland Expo West, but I don't think I have met you yet. It sounds like we both enjoy Utah with our rigs. Looking forward to meeting you on a trail some day.
    Hello Brent...Jason here from California Bay Area. I was pleased to find another OB member with a big rig. I haven't seen too many postings on the forum from big rig owners. It is difficult to read some of the trail recommendations from OB members and know whether it is a good trail for height and width limitations. I scout locally with our JK, but just have to wing it most of the time.
    I have not been on very much, in the process of moving up to Washington. Should be up there about the second week of December. Looking to connect with other overlanders and get to know Washington. Interested in finding ham radio groups and learning about the different search and rescue groups. Rifle ranges and 4x4 shops.
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