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  1. BlackBear

    Windshield Pics...

    Some more windshield pics
  2. BlackBear

    Overland Trailers

    From camping in the snow and plowing your way through to camping in the desert climbing your way out....
  3. BlackBear

    Windshield Pics...

    Lets see some of those windshield pics....
  4. BlackBear

    Camp Photos!

  5. BlackBear

    Rig Photos

  6. BlackBear


    Who is going to NWOR and/or BCOR?
  7. BlackBear

    10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Great!

    I love the kitchen set up! Check out Amazon, the exact one was a bit cheaper
  8. BlackBear

    Looking for a way to heat up the tent with out propane, or electricity

    I'm not sure about wearing as little clothing as possible? We do a lot of cold weather camping in ground tents and RTT... I find you must always change into dry sleeping clothes (Long-johns, long sleeve t-shirt, dry sock, toque), a good -30 or -40 sleeping bag. I have a buddy that uses a...
  9. BlackBear

    White Rim Trail, Moab

    Couple things, 1) I practice tread lightly! 2) I leave an area better than when I get there! (No trace camping) 3) I was not off the trail!!! I did pull over to let a large truck go by. It was supporting a group of mountain bikers.
  10. BlackBear

    10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Great!

    Hmmmm, looks familiar....LOL
  11. BlackBear

    10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Great!

    Only time I used chains in the past was if it was a 2 wheel truck. 18" of snow is no issue for the Jeep & trailer.
  12. BlackBear

    10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Great!

    1) I'm a Canadian and I love winter 2) Utter Silence. It’s rare to hear absolute silence. If you haven’t experienced this, it’s pure bliss. 3) No crowds. You can camp anywhere you want. 4) No fire bans! There is nothIng better than a winter fire. 5) No bugs or mosquitos. 6) Wildlife is easier to...
  13. BlackBear

    Heading to the BC Overland Overland Rally

    Im leaving Wed, camping at Frog Falls, just past Revelstoke
  14. BlackBear

    White Rim Trail, Moab

    We spent two days on the White Rim Trail! It was an awesome trail... Come prepared because there are long rocky stretches, deep sand, steep climbs, skinny trails, and no rescue/recovery for more than 100 miles. Also, you must have a permit as there is limited access/usage.