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  1. Big Tex

    Trailer build

    Love the trailer. Very cool.
  2. Big Tex

    Rear Facing Bench Seat For Wrangler JK

    Reminds me of our Chevy station wagon. It had a rear facing seat, only not as cool.
  3. Big Tex

    Need help with Bantam Trailer

    That makes sense. That explains why the zerk squirted grease on me. Thanks.
  4. Big Tex

    Camp Photos!

    Beatiful pics.
  5. Big Tex

    Need help with Bantam Trailer

    I am tearing down my WWII Bantam trailer, and I am having a crazy time with the bolts that attach the leaf springs to the frame. Its the one with the grease zerk on it. Anyone know any tricks?
  6. Big Tex

    Retro Wrangler

    I want one, but to accept delivery, you need a fork lift. Plus, $$$$$$, and you can't have rear wipers. I had a Land Rover Disco, and those windows were one of my favorite features.
  7. Big Tex

    Where do I get the larger cans of Jeep paint? (Commando Green)

    I own a 2013 Commando Green Rubicon Unlimited, and I am not real happy with the dinky 5 oz cans of spray paint from Quadratec and 4x4parts. Anyone know where I can order the larger cans of Commando Green Spray Paint? I think they are 12 ounces. The 5 oz cans don't even cover a single jerry...
  8. Big Tex

    Field Desk for rear storage

    I have always loved those. You could use spray foam insulation in a drawer, then carve out a nice cooler. Go to Michael's and get adhesive craft foam to line the rest of the drawers to cut down in rattle.
  9. Big Tex


    Great tip. I would also recommend Plastic Dip Spray rubber used for insulating tools. It sprays on like paint, and peals off easily. Comes in black, white, gray, red and maybe blue and green.
  10. Big Tex

    Waterproofing the Plano Sportsman box

    Great tip! I already had everything in my garage.
  11. Big Tex

    Free Camping/Overland Drawer Plans! - 4Runner

    Thanks for the post! good stuff.
  12. Big Tex

    Retro Wrangler

    Look to the Jeep Africa concept
  13. Big Tex

    No problem. My six year old daughter, Scout, and I watch your channel. Scout is particularly a...

    No problem. My six year old daughter, Scout, and I watch your channel. Scout is particularly a fan or Annie and Izzy. You need to do an "I am Izzy" episode. Let her drive for the day and see what happens.
  14. Big Tex

    My Bantam tc3 build

    Captain Chaos, I love the Bantam build. I too am working on a Bantam and you have given me a couple of ideas. Keep the pics coming!