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  1. augenholz

    Bilder unserer Outdoor Reisen in Europa

  2. augenholz

    Fire extinguisher

    Es gehört alles von der Größe des richtigen ab. In Europa müssen einige Länder einen Feuerlöscher in einem Geländewagen haben. .
  3. augenholz

    Wir haben eine Website gekauft, auf die wir unsere Ausflüge im Freien anzeigen. Es ist in...

    Wir haben eine Website gekauft, auf die wir unsere Ausflüge im Freien anzeigen. Es ist in Deutsch und kann mit Google angegeben werden. We have started a website where we show our outdoor trips. It is in German and can be translated with google.
  4. augenholz

    Photos on Google

    Photos on Google
  5. augenholz

    Clips auf You-Tube

    Clips auf You-Tube
  6. augenholz

    What do you carry on your roof rack other than a RTT?

    zwei front runner boxen, zwei koffer aus aluminium, 2 zarges boxen, ein reservekanister und ein sack mit campingstühlen. two front runner boxes, two aluminum suitcases, 2 zarges boxes, a reserve tank canister and a sack with camping chairs and a protective awning at the stern.
  7. augenholz

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    right as on the left side. So that you can recognize it well. :neutral:
  8. augenholz

    greetings from Germany

    well, now the emblem has arrived and already glued. it is now the number 18019 instead of as first communicated the beautiful number 18018 nicely placed - We are curious if we meet other members of the Overland Bound on our travels.
  9. augenholz

    How about steam powered rotisserie?

    we live steampunk: Here is a little insight
  10. augenholz

    ° IIIIIII °

    ° IIIIIII °
  11. augenholz

    America in the Netherlands

    When driving through the Netherlands, we were suddenly in America.
  12. augenholz

    Overland Trailers

    Not really offroad but always an eye-catcher. Our funeral trailer we use for our steampunk events. We transport steampunk objects with him.
  13. augenholz

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    Not very spectacular. But we start our next offroad holiday in July 2019. That's the first with our new Wrangler.
  14. augenholz

    Own conversion to mini camper

    The conversion for our trips is our own idea with various suggestions from the net. We sleep in the car and cook in the back of the hatchback. There are only a few moves to rebuild the interior of the car.
  15. augenholz

    Post Up Your Cockpit

    View of our Cockpit