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    Fit a Full size spare in a 2021 Forestet I posted this a few months ago in a different area in Overland Bound. Small rigs is a better fit.
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    I have a lifted Forester that I go on Class 4 roads in Vermont. Very nice build. Definitely looks capable. The awning is an addition I have been kicking around on mine. What brand?
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    Fitting a full size spare inside a Forester Sport

    Needed to find a way to store my full size spare inside my lifted Forester Sport. Putting it on roof was less than ideal. So, my son and I did some brainstorming and basic carpentry and came up with this idea. Basically, we raised the floor up to accommodate the spare. I’m sure this isn’t an...
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    New to the overlanding community

    New to Overlanding. Used to off-road in VT with a lifted 1987 YJ. Now gonna try a lifted Subie Forester Sport. Look forward to this new adventure