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  1. Agplant

    Alasaka Bound

    Agreed if you are only planning to make the journey once then 3 weeks is not enough time. There is lots of country to explore, take your time if you can afford to and enjoy everything that the north has to offer. I will be headed back on 2 wheels this June again for my sixth trip up in the past...
  2. Agplant

    Alasaka Bound

    I have made the trip "farther north" 4 of the last 5 years now, it is truly beautiful country. Working out routes and plans for next year again. Departure date June 29th.
  3. Agplant

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    OB Member #6840, High Level, Alberta, Canada
  4. Agplant

    Northern Canada Thread

    Well I am close what is considered north by most folks.
  5. Agplant

    Canadian Artic Highway nearing completion

    Headed up in June 2018, back to the land of the midnight sun.
  6. Agplant

    Alasaka Bound

    Got a link to your thread here, Re: your questions on the "Top of the World highway" from Dawson to Chicken, that road is very doable with the Suburu you mention, I have ran it several times on a bike. Was just up there again in June and the worst part was a couple miles of construction just...
  7. Agplant

    Welcome to the Western Canada thread

    Checking in from the far North, 1/2 way between Edmonton & Yellowknife.
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    Greetings, after lurking for a while I pulled the trigger & joined up. Name is Allen, fairly new to Overlanding but have been riding ADV bikes for some time. Attended OX in Flagstaff in 2014 & 16 riding all the way down on the bike, that planted the seed of expanding beyond the bike. Current...