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  1. davis_664
    And the Sierra is long-Ghandi... now we're sportin' n 03 Mitsubishi Montero XLS ... so stoked to be in an SUV.
  2. CFTAdventures
    Back from Miami .... still along way to go for clean up down there.....Just picked up the truck! Ready for Expo!
  3. Troy
    I glanced at my odometer today and said wow that's 30,000 miles I didn't have to walk...lol
  4. Jake Wettern | iamjake
    Jake Wettern | iamjake KiwiDave
    | Hey Dave! Thanks for the follow man!
  5. Cort
    Seeking adventure and knowledge
  6. Will Franco
    Will Franco
    Finally visited Pismo Beach CA for some fun beach driving. I think I found my new favorite CA beach.
  7. B Wild
    B Wild
    Leaving for O.T.G. early next week! I'm excited!
  8. Doom
    Yes, It's Yellow, and yes you can see it from Google Earth.. It's the little yellow dot on the East Coast of Central Florida....
  9. kwame byrd
    kwame byrd
    New Member from Katy Tx. Looking to link up with some members in my area.
  10. 4R_V5_Lew
    It's been a long couple days away from my runner and it's nice to be back with her!
  11. Urban Films
    Urban Films
    Heading to the UK Adventure Overland Show !
  12. Brian Miglionico
    Brian Miglionico Chris Freeth
    The unfortunate way of the world has got me locked into work ...the past storm did not help any
  13. Vita Valka
    Vita Valka
    Family caravaner transforming into overlander
  14. black-Z71-bowtie
    surfing the internet looking for roof rack ideas
  15. AdventureAwaitsTN
    Making plans for the next Adventure!
  16. Boulderex
    Build in progress!
  17. DainRossThurman
  18. paramatt
    i want my rover back :(
  19. SlinginIron
    SlinginIron Craig Cooper
    Nice! Good to see someone close by!
  20. Jake Wettern | iamjake
    Jake Wettern | iamjake Henry Hopkins
    | Hi Henry - thanks for the follow!