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  1. Rhino416
    Rhino416 Luv2xlr8
    Hi Luv2xlr8 ....
    Noticed that you have RSVP'd for the event.....and reading your post you are someone who has an actual camera than the mere mortals like me who think the phone is the camera :). Would you mind being the official photo/videographer for this event?....Would be great to capture the moments as it happens on this event. Let me know if you are game!!!...cheers
  2. Matt L.
    Matt L. Maverick1701
    My Father is from Lakeview, TX, down the road from Memphis. One of his classmates owns the church that was set up as a restaurant. We are there several times each year and we have explored many of the local backroads. Do you have any info on good areas to check out?
  3. Jarryd
    Jarryd Corrie
    Great to be here looking forward to getting new ideas
  4. DollytheFJ60
    DollytheFJ60 Michael
    Michael, thank you for building such a great community. Is there a way to order a second badge would like to have one on both sides of my rig.

    Thank you,
    ( DollytheFJ)
  5. Jamis of Arabia
    Jamis of Arabia
    I drive and work on remote areas of Saudi Arabia
  6. Jamis of Arabia
    Jamis of Arabia
    I work on the Saudi Arabian desert
  7. Jamis of Arabia
    Jamis of Arabia
    I work in the Saidi Arabian Desert
  8. Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez
    Searching for adventure and for that perfect shot!
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  9. Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez
    Instagram: justinn_oneill
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  10. willlord
    willlord e61overland
    Hey there, I saw your posting on the boards about you being a frontrunner supplier. Can you link me your site to see what kind of deals you offer on their full length racks?
  11. Darthwj913
    I need a break in the monotonous cycle of work and rain, I need some dirt and breathtaking views, smells of fire burning, food cooking.
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  12. Sea To Sky Overland
    Sea To Sky Overland
    Counting Down the Days Till Oregon
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  13. NSBG
    New in the Forum. Trying to widen my overland horizons, meet the community and overall have a good time among friends, machines and nature!
  14. NSBG
    NSBG Jeff Blake
    Hey Jeff,

    My name is Nick. I saw your awesome LR D2 Build, and was wondering if you would allow me to write an article about it on my website. Its called The Overland Spud.

    Its a blog i am trying to start up that will have builds, reviews, and personal trips. Its pretty new still. I will of course point back to your build here and give you credit. Let me know if that is ok with you!
  15. Joseph Seymour
    Joseph Seymour OperationContingency
    Re: your post about trails in WNC, I am visiting family in NC in the early summer. GPX trail data would be really appreciated....Thanks
  16. AntB
    AntB Bueller
    Hey Brother, Nice rig, mind if I ask what you paid for it? I am in the US and saw your posts about the woolly bear and that looks like the path I want to head down.
  17. AntB
    AntB While in the Wild
    Hey Brother where in Texas did you buy that Taxa Woolly Bear and if you don't mind how much did you pay?
  18. Desert Runner
    Desert Runner
    Snow tonight and tomorrow in Las Vegas...(rare). No driving planned....let the bumper cars games begin.
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  19. JoshMTN4R
    JoshMTN4R Gstrange
    Hi Gstrange, curious what you might be asking for that Moab Fort XL trailer. I wouldn't need the RTT, I've got one already. Thanks
    1. Gstrange
      JoshMTN4R, thanks for reaching out. I'm asking $14,500.00 for the unit. It has the Tepui RTT, 2 Tepui Awinings, Tepui Vestibule, and Tepui Ground Tent. I'm happy to discuss this further with you if interested.
      Feb 23, 2019 at 11:18 AM
  20. willlord
    willlord Michael
    Hey Michael, thanks for the kind words! Glad to be here!!