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Our Forums are a complete integrated communications platform. Not only a growing resource for overland information, but also a direct communication tool for members. The forums are integrated with our Member Map and Rally Point to make connection with your Overland Community easy. 

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Activate Your Account

Once you become an Overland Bound Member, you need to activate your account. Anyone may register on the site and use its resources, but to use member features like the Member Map, Rally Point, or Member Forum features, you need to become a Member. You can do that here: One-Time Membership Options

When you become a member you will receive an email confirmation providing your Member number and an activation code. Use the activation link to upgrade your existing account or create a new account with the Member upgrade. You are all set!

Once you receive your Member Number add it to your profile so people know who you are! It will be displayed along side your posts, and other areas on the platform (See “Your Profile” in this How-To).

If you do not receive your upgrade email, please contact support@overlandbound.com to assist in upgrading your account.


We work very hard to make the Overland Bound platform as secure as possible, and make sure your data is only used as intended. For this reason, you may have to deal with some frustrating issues from time to time:

New Users: Are limited in terms of what they can post. Keep it simple. No Urls. No images. No external links. Once you have been with the community for a while, and have posted good threads, you are allowed to post the items listed above. This happens automatically.

IP Addresses: If your IP address is recognized as a known spam origin, you will be blocked. This does not mean you are a spammer, and if you have any issues, please contact support.

External Links: Linking to external image hosts may cause issues with your account. We highly recommend uploading your images to our servers (see “Pictures”) using the attach feature.

“Whoops!”: If you encounter this error and have questions, contact support.


Your Profile

Registering on the site and becoming an Overland Bound Member is just the beginning. Filling out your profile will insure you are taking advantage of all features. It also lets folks know a little bit about you, and helps us filter the proper meetups and content your way. This also lets you customize what notification you receive, allows you to set important security features among other things.

Accessing your Account Settings: 

At the top of the page, you will see your username and avatar image. Selecting it will expand your user menu, providing access to all profile settings.

Please poke around at your leisure! We recommend updating the following settings:

Profile Updates

Avatar: The community will take you more seriously 🙂

Location: This will make sure you show up on the member map.

Member Number: Enter your member number here so folks know you are an Overland Bound Member.

Region: Make it clear where you are from, and get information relevant to your region.

OB Responder and OB Contact: Let people know if they may contact you when in need.

Privacy Options

Mark position on map: Recommend “Yes”.

Randomize on map: Recommend “Yes”. For security reasons, you do not want people to know exactly where you live.

Randomize distance: Recommend at least 5km.


By default, the Overland Bound community is what we would term verbose. There is A LOT of activity once you get involved. You can determine how often you are notified of community activity by changing these options.

Emails: What emails you receive.

Notifications: Select when you are notified of community activity.


Forum Theme

You may change the forum theme to either light or dark, whichever works best for your eyes and time of day. There is no difference in terms of features!

To do so, Find the Forum Style Chooser hidden at the bottom left of the page 🙂

Overland Bound Dark

Overland Bound Light


Member Upgrades

There are a couple of upgrades available to registered users.

Overland Bound Membership

Overland Bound Membership:

Becoming an Overland Bound Member makes you a part of our worldwide crew and unlocks site member features like the Resource Map, and Rally Point. You also get a unique metal emblem with your member number on it. This is the primary and recommended upgrade. Overland Bound Membership

Upgrading your account to “Member” status: When you order an Overland Bound Membership you should receive an account activation email that will allow you to upgrade your new, or existing account. Note, this will unlock all member features, but it will not automatically add your member number to your profile. See “Your Profile” in this FAQ for more information on updating your profile. If you do not receive your account activation email with code, please contact Support!

Site Upgrades:

We also have various upgrades for people who would like to support the site on an ongoing basis. This helps us to keep your forums ad-free in addition to receiving  a variety of perks and benefits as outlined on the forum upgrade page. Forum Site Upgrades




There are many types of posts on our forums. The platform has many different features for posting, so it can be a bit confusing. Here is a quick terminology guide. Within our forums, there are Categories, Forums, Threads, and Replies.

Categories and Forums are the main topic groups:

Within a forum, there are threads:

Here are different ways to post:

And finally, there are replies:

The typical process in our forums when seeking information is to first search for your topic using keywords to see if the question has been posed previously. You do this by using the Search field in the upper right of our forums. If your topic has not been answered, you will start a new thread under the category that is most relevant. Post your question with as much detail as possible to get a useful answer.  People will Reply to your Thread and the conversation may continue in a series of replies.

New Forum Thread: Post a new topic that has not been previously discussed to get an answer to your question.

Forum Reply: Reply to other authors threads to offer your insight. This is generally most of the activity in our forums.

Conversation: A conversation is a private message visible only to you and the recipient (s). This is like e-mail. People will be notified that they have recieved a new conversation.

Status Update: On your profile page  you may update your status, which will be publicly visible. New status updates are featured on the sidebar of the forums.

Profile Post: This is a publicly visible post to someone’s profile page. It is appropriate for this to be meant specifically for the individual, understanding it is visible to the public. You typically make a profile post by visiting someone’s profile page and entering a comment under the “Profile Post” tab.


On our forums, it is HIGHLY recommended to upload your picture to our server. This means attaching the photo in the way described below.  If you try to enbed your URL from a image hosting website, there is a high probability that externally hosted link will be flagged as spam, and not posted.

If you want to upload a picture from your computer or phone (RECOMMENDED):

  1. Write a post per normal.
  2. \In a computer browser you will see a button that says, “Attach Files”. Use this button to upload your image.
  3. After the image is uploaded, you will see the thumbnail.
  4. If you want to embed the picture full-sized in line within your post choose, “Full Image” and it will embed at the location of your cursor.


There is one thread dedicated for all Overland Bound Meetups. In addition to viewing the Member Map for Rally Point Meetup icons in your area, you can go to the “Overland Trips and Events” Category -> Overland Bound Meetups thread. There are a number of ways within this thread to create or find events in your area.

  1. Sort by your region: In the meetups thread you will see a filter in the upper right of the thread list. You will see the currently selected region. If you have not set this, it will say “Any”. Select your region to see all events in your area.
  2. Subscribe to your region: Once you have filtered for your region, you may select the “Subscribe” button, and you will receive notifications for new events in your area.
  3. Create a Meetup on the Calendar:
    1. To create a meetup that shows on the event calendar, create a post with all the details of your event in this thread.
    2. Add a prefix (Region) so it shows up in region filtered lists.
    3. Post your thread. Once it is posted, you can add it to the calendar in the thread tools menu by selecting “Calendar Menu:
    4. Choose the appropriate “Calendar Add” option, and fill in the details. Your event is now listed in the Overland Bound Community Calendar.
  4. Create a Rally Point Event: This option allows you to automatically generate invites, add to the calendar automatically, and provide much more detail. Instructions for Rally Point are covered in the Rally Point How To’s

Ranks and Trophys

Trophies contribute to Badges and increase your Rank. Rank shows your level of involvement in the community. Trophy’s are intended to gradually level up your skills within the Overland Community. Your rank is displayed almost everywhere your profile is shown, and gives people a very quick snapshot of your community contribution. Community members with a high rank are an asset to any exploration and overlanding team.

To review trophies, go to the “Badges” page from the top level menu. You will see the 5 Available Badges. Click the Badge title to see trophies that contribute to that badge. Some trophies are awarded automatically, and some require validation. To receive a trophy that requires validation, select the “Request Validation” button next to the trophy name in the list.

There are 5 tracks for trophies:

Ambassador: It Doesn’t Matter What You Drive – A track dedicated to fostering community and supporting each other





Adventurer: Adventure is Necessary – A track for comms, navigation, destinations, and long-term travel.





Innovator: Challenge Drives Innovation – For do it yourself innovators using creative solutions for overland adventure travel.





Challenger: So Others May Follow – Succeeding in the most adverse conditions. Trail repairs, survival, first aid, recovery, and driving skills.




Guardian: Leave it Better Than You Found it – Proper land use, trail etiquette and public lands advocacy.





The Rank system is a growing and developing system in the Overland Bound community. As more training programs are developed, more trophy’s will be added, and existing trophies may be changed at any time.



Crews [Alpha!]

Members who are Supporters or Benefactors (see Member Upgrades) will see a “Crew” menu item at the top of the screen. This system is at an Alpha stage. This means there are likely issues with features or they may be broke. The nature of Public Alpha is that you get the software early to provide feedback, but it might be broken.

Crews allow you to invite a group of friends on the site to create a private group and have a private forum for discussion. It also allows you to create a Rally Point directly from the Crew Page to automatically invite everyone in your crew to the Rally Point Event.

To Join or Create a crew, go to the Crew page from the main menu in the forums. You can review existing crews and request to join, or create a new crew by choosing the create button on the main screen.

Create Crew

When creating a crew there are many option. Fill them out appropriately for your new crew. Here are some details:


The name of your new crew

Overland Bound ID

This will be the url portion of your crew link.


Select the Archetype which best aligns with the goals of your crew.


Commitment – Level of commitment desired.

Trail Sponsor – Do you intend to have the group sponsor a trail?


Primary activity of the group (most likely aligned with your Archetype).

Secondary activity.

OLB region – Primary region for the Crew Members.


Introduction – this is a publicly visible description of your crew.

Membership Visibility – Determines whether Crew Members will show your Crew Name in their profile.

Invites and Approvals and Membership

This happens in your user profile under the “Crew” heading. You may view application status to a crew, see invites, or leave a crew.

Admin Tools

Admin tools are located on the crew home page under the menu “Moderator Tools”.

Downloadable Routes

Overland Bound shares downloadable routes in the “Overland Bound Routes: Downloadable” forum. These routes follow a defined format and include attached GPX and KML files to be used with your navigation software. Check it out!

To have your route included in that forum, you may submit your route following the guidelines in the “Submit Your Overland Routes” forum. Once submitted in that forum, and admin will review and approve your submission, or request changes. Submitting routes contributes to the Traveler II Achievement!

Boot Camp Articles

Overland Bound provides Boot Camp articles for common topics core to overlanding. Its a great place to get started! You will find these in the OVERLAND BOOT CAMP category.

Contributing an article in the Boot Camp category contributes to the  Advocate III achievement. Submit your article following the guidelines in the Submit a Boot Camp Article For Review forum. An admin will review the article and move it to the Boot Camp forum. Administrators will likely request changes. Boot Camp articles must be of the highest quality.

Region Forums

In addition to the Overland Bound Meetups forum, the regional forums allow a great place to connect locally. You will find your region in the “OVERLAND BOUND BY REGION” category. Check in to the “Roll Call” forum, get local news, answers to questions, and “everything else”.  This is a great way to meet local members.

Region topics are limited since most topics should be discussed at the global level. For example, a question about Roof Racks should not happen in the region section.

Member Search

You can locate a Member on our forums in a couple different ways.

Member Number

If you see a member in the wild and get the number, you can conduct a Member Number search from the search tool on the main forum sidebar. This tool will return all members any portion of the number entered. The more numbers you have the better. For example, 1756 will return Members, 1756, 17562, 17563, etc. Not all members have entered their number in their profile and as a result, will not be found with this method. Entering a single number will return a large number of members and we advise against it.

Member Search

In the main menu of the forums you will see “Members” and a sub menu item called “Member Search” This is actually a registered user search, and will return all results on the forums. The options are:




Member #

Ham Callsign.


If you need any support, there are a few options depending on the support needed. If you have further questions about any features in this FAQ, please reach out!

General Support: Overland Bound’s general  support address is support@overlandbound.com. We review these daily, and will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24hrs. If you have any questions at all, contact us at that email address.

Technical Support:  If you are having technical difficulty, we have a support forum thread that makes it easier for us and you to discuss technical issues. The thread is moderated and active issues will will remain open until handled. Support forum: Support Forum

Business Questions:  If you have a business inquiry, please send an email to michael@overlandbound.com

When you first join, take a few minutes to set up your account! Almost everything can be accessed through your personal User Menu.

There are many custom forum features unique to the Overland Community. Check it out!