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Expedition Mode Features and Tutorial

Go Farther & Do More

Get ready for adventure! Overland Bound One’s Expedition Mode allows you to take your adventure further with essential expedition features necessary for travel off the grid. Expedition Mode includes:

  • Offline Mode – Use maps and navigate offline.
  • Offline Maps – Download maps for use without cell connection.
  • Track Recording – Record your off road route, and telemetry.
  • Save Offline – Save location POI and Tracks will offline.
  • Download and Share GPX – Download or share any GPX track.
  • Offline 3 Word Navigation – Search and share 3 word locations offline.

Let’s review the features and how to use them in the Overland Bound One app! Let’s go!

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows you to use mapping and navigation while offline. There are two ways put the app in offline mode, manual and automatic:

Manual Offline Mode:

Select “Settings” in the apps slide out menu.

Select “Offline Mode” to turn it off or on at any time.

A banner will appear on the map to remind you you are in Offline Mode. This mode will prevent the app from trying to connect, and will disable features that do not work offline, allowing you to use the map and navigate with a GPS signal.

Automatic Offline Mode

Automatic mode will put the app into offline Mode if it is launched while offline. It will also turn off Offline Mode if it is launched with cell reception.
It will not dynamically go in and out of offline mode while in the app. Changes while the app is running must be done manually. To turn Automatic mode on, do so in settings:

Download Offline Maps

In order to access maps and navigate while off grid, you need to download them in advance. overland Bound One makes it easy by allowing you to download from the main map, from a Rally Point Event Location screen, or from a Off Road Trail detail screen with a GPX file.

Download from the Main Map

Center the map screen on the area you wish to download for the main map. The download button is on the right side of the screen.

Select the map download button.

A grey rectangle will appear over the area that will be downloaded. This is a 50 X 50 mile square. Type in a name for your map and select the “Download Offline Map” button.

A download confirmation will appear, and a grey rectangle will remain on the map letting you know that area is available offline.

Download from a Off Road Trail Details Screen

In the app, every POI location has a detail screen accessed by swiping up on the summary card. Offroad Trails with GPX files have a map for viewing the GPX trail. Select the map download button to download the map around the extents of the GRX, with a 5 mile buffer:

Download From Rally Point Event Location Tab

Community-created Rally Point events have a Location tab that shows the defined waypoints for that event. The download button on the Location Tab will download the perimeter of all waypoints collectively.

Off Road Track Recording

Expedition travelers often go beyond the paved roads. Record your route to save for later, share with your friends, or just to find your way back! Track recording is easy in Overland Bound One, and records high resolution tracks accurate to 1 meter, and telemetry information. To record a track, go to the Map screen and select the “+” at the lower right of the map screen.

As soon as you select “Record Track”, recording will begin and the record interface will appear. There are three buttons, the stacked menu, the record duration button, and the photos button.

Stacked Menu

The stacked menu provides three functions.
Pause Recording – Pause the recording process. Re-enable to begin recording again.
Save Track – Stop recording and add track details, then save.
Cancel Recording – stop recording and return to the map without saving.
Close Menu – Close the menu and return to the map with no change.

Record Duration Button

Selecting the record duration button:

Will open the recording details screen. This screen is meant to be opwn while driving to rely important navigation details if required. Details include:

  • Current Speed
  • Heading
  • Speed profile
  • Elevation profile
  • Distance travelled
  • Duration
  • Current location
  • Pace

Photo Button

The photo button on the main map while recording, will create a thumbnail image for the recorded track. This image will be visible in the Track summary card, and the details screen:

Save Tracks and POI Offline

Even if you are offline, you can save your POI and rerecorded tracks. You will see notifications informing you of your offline status, and confirmation when your locations are uploaded. Why upload your locations? There are two primary reasons:

Location Backup

Your locations are saved regardless of the device you access Overland Bound from. You can even delete the app and install it at a later date. Your communications and your locations will exists just as you left them. Your locations will never be lost.


You can save your locations as either private, or public. If you save them as a public location, other members will see the location and your contribution to the overland community. Thank you!

Download and Share GPX

If you have just recorded a track, or you are viewing others uploaded by the community, you can download Offline GPX tracks to your device, or share them via txt, email, or any other means you have. The GPX download and share button is found throughout the Overland Bound One app.

Offroad Trail Details Screen

In every Offroad Trail detail screen, you will see the GPX download and share button. To share a GPX track, access the detail screen by selecting any Offroad Trailhead with a GPX track. Those with a GPX track are identified with a yellow border on the map.

Tap the icon. Go to the details screen by tapping or swiping up on the summary card. Once in the detail screen, you will see the GPX share button under the map.

Rally Point Location Screen

The GPX share button also exists on Rally Point Event locations screens for any Rally Point event that contains a GPX track uploaded by the event creator. To access, select the Rally Point and go to the Location tab:

Three Word Navigation

Overland bound One includes three word navigation, a superior way to communicate your location within 3 meters anywhere on the planet using, just three words. You will find three word locations throughout the app.

When receiving or sharing location, you are able to use three word location when offline, just like GPS coordinates. If you receive a 3 word combination, you may use map search to locate that position on the map. Simply use the map search tool, and enter the three word combination. The results will show after the second ‘.’ (dot).

Enjoy the trail!