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Snowy Winter Trail ride

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Snowy Winter Trail ride

Please read ALL the details so you are not disappointed and neither am I. Thank you.

    Sunday, January 31, 2021

    12:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
    12:00 Hrs GMT -5:00

    Sunday, January 31, 2021

    06:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
    18:00 Hrs GMT -5:00

    US Midwest





Terrain Type

  • Dirt Road
  • Highway
  • Ice
  • Mud
  • Snow


  • 4WD


Channel Channel Value
  • CB 16
  • HAM 146.460

Rally Point Notes:

-CB Radio required- (Mobile installed or walkie-talkie handheld unit)

OK this is it!!! Sorry for the last minute change of date but we've had so many false calls on snow that I kept having to push it out every week BUT I was just alerted this afternoon 1/29/21 of the high confidence from the weathermen of at least 2-8" of snow so it go time. With bad conditions forecasted for the event date, it is paramount that everyone attending follow directions exactly for the safety of all involved. So here are the following directions that must be followed to attend.
**Text or Call me at 954-559-3342 with your "full name, #2" and state the following "I have a CB radio".***
The 1st 9 people (yes you can bring more people per vehicle) to do so will be granted a spot on the trail ride. I will also compare the texts with the people who signed up first and give them 1st dibs. Cut off date is Sat. 1/30/21 11pm to give me that text or call. I will then text you back with the correct coordinates for the meet spot of the trail ride. The meet spot listed on the event is not correct!
Now it is still possible that something out of my control like 12 inches of snow falls and roads are closed etc. which will make it impossible to host the event. I will call or text everyone attending if for some reason the day of the event it is canceled.
Trail run around Mohican State Forest area and southward.

*This is a "soft-roading" adventure at best with a combination of paved, gravel, dirt, and unmaintained roads! Nothing hardcore, black diamond, buggy type of drive!

***This event will be filmed for the YouTube channel called "Project Overland USA"
, and EVERYONE over the age of 18 will need to sign a model release form giving your approval to be filmed and on the video release. Since this event will be filmed it is very important that you understand and have patience for the fact that we will have to stop numerous times to set up cameras and then film potentially the same spot a few times to get the best "take". In fact half of the day could be devoted to filming locations, action, and vehicles. If you are not interested in, or don't have the patience for stopping a lot, or do not want to be filmed then it is advised that you do not attend this event.

*Since road conditions will be wet, snowy, and muddy, there is a potential for damage to your vehicle or yourself (mostly sliding off into a ditch). YOU assume all liability and responsibility for yourself and vehicle. If you feel we are going somewhere that will cause damage to you or your vehicle, stop your vehicle, call us on the radio and tell us you are disembarking for the rest of the trip, and if in doubt turn around and be safe and complete your day with us and we'll see you on the trail next time.

Any further questions please ask in the comments or call me at 954-559-3342 Kevin

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