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Sierra Foothills Overlanders Monthly OLB meet-up/meeting

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Sierra Foothills Overlanders Monthly OLB meet-up/meeting


This is a Monthly meet-up the second Tuesday of each month @ The Break Room in Shingle Springs, CA. Everyone is welcome! Our events are social, family friendly, with the goal of teaching essential overlanding skills you will need on the trail or while you travel! We conduct training/practice sessions (see below), frequently have guest speaker subject matter experts, and also share DIY how-to's to create your own kit, schedule monthly overland trips or trail runs,! Of course, we also have fun. Stop on by!
Meeting starts at 1900 hrs so if you want dinner and drink please get there prior to that. Order as you enter the restaurant, meeting is in a room to the rear.
Please contact @Kent R on our forums for more information!
The Sierra Foothills Overlanders have also adopted the Long Canyon OHV trail in the El Dorado NF, we conduct 4 cleanups per year with one overnight. For more information contact @DaveD on the forum.


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Repeat: Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday

Rally Point Notes:

Sierra Foothills Overlanders completed the following training as of 4/25/18:

                • Winch basics - 2 hrs in the evening using direct line pull and directional change. Training information came from Bob Wohlers (with permission).








                • Jack orientation, all types and when/where to use. 1/2 day








                • Tire repair, plugging and sidewall repair, valve stem replacement. This was done two times over the year. 1/2 day each








                • GPS/Comm field day.  Set up course off-road with several way points. Once they reached the first one, the participant made contact with a ham operator at the top of the trail prior to get coordinates for next point.  1/2 day








Education conducted at monthly meet-up;

                • Camp kitchen demo by various members







                • Traction board demo







                • Heat exchanger demo (hot water for showers) by one of our members







                • GPS/Navigation - in-rig set ups and practice with tablets







                • Communications - came up with standard comm plan and practiced using radios.







                • DIY solar tube shower - demo and assembly of shower with parts list by one of our members








Future education/training:

                • Survival class, one full day.  Out of state instructor.







                • Vehicle extrication, concentrating on using tools in our rigs to extricate a patient after a rollover. Practice vehicle acquired.







                • High Lift jack practice.  Set up and use the High Lift for pulling a rig backwards when you are by yourself.







                • Advanced winching.







                • First aid class specific to vehicle-based travel.







                • CPR class.







                • Chain Saw classes with the Forest Service - required by USFS for the cleanups on our adopted trail.








Kent Reynolds

  • Placerville, CA
  • 06/16/16


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  • Start Point: Shingle Springs, CA 95682, USA GPS Coordinates: 38.66058, -120.93628 Notes: The Break Room, Shingle Springs CA

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  1. Sierra Foothills Overlanders

    October 16, 2018 meeting recap


    Update sign in-sheet: 20 members signed in

    Member introductions:  Several new faces; welcome!

    Any new ham licenses: None.

    New OLB members:  One – welcome!

    Youth program – Denise gave a great update on her youth program and passed around a sign-up sheet for the Beta test she wants to conduct.  So, if you have kids that want to be a part of the program please contact Denise.  We are in the very early stages of setting up an OLB/SFO camp out at Prairie City next year. This event will cover lots of training for adults and kids.  Dennis will be reporting more on this in the future. 

    Run reports –

    OLB Rally West – talked about the event and showed pictures of camp and the trail runs.  Consensus from all who attended is we will go back!

    Jeep Fest Pismo Beach – Dave showed his pictures and talked about his experience there.  Sounds like a great event.

    Laurel Lakes trip – Jim showed pictures and a video, all that attended thought it was a great trip.  The main complaint was no fires allowed. (We need to find a place to have a campfire soon for Mirek!!)


    Jesse Stein from Hangtown Fire Control gave a very informative talk about the differences between dry chemical and clean agent fire extinguishers. 

    Remember we need a topic for next month’s meeting, suggestions welcome.


    Reno Tire Repair – Kent and Tom showed some pictures from the event.  SFO tire repair practice – It will be in January 2019.

    Newbie off-road driving practice – Klinton reported on how the practice session will go, if you’re interested in helping, please contact Klinton.

    Klinton is also taking on the role of New Member training coordinator, working as a mentor to make sure all of our new members are up to speed with overlanding.  I will put a list of topics I think are important and please email me with more and I’ll add them.


    Death Valley – Trip was talked about; currently we have 14 going with several that are maybe.  Next week the pre-trip information sheet will be emailed to those going.

    Baja 1000 with Chris S.  – Discussed, main topic was how cool it will be to see the action.

    Remember November meeting is when we start working on next year’s trips.  Mirek wants to camp where there are trees. I am planning the Mojave Road trip. Jim – maybe the Anza Borrego State Park?  Long term planning for a trip to the Continental Divide (NM to Canada), this is a work in progress.


    November 20 – speaker or training TBD

    Reminder that we need raffle prizes for the Christmas Party.  Please get them to Kent, Lucy, or Kevin by Dec. 12th so the raffle can be organized in advance like last year.

  2. Hi Guys,

    I am new to Overlandbound and live not far from Solid Ground it’s one of my favorite spots up here. I’d love to come meet up. Is the November 20th meeting still happening at 7pm?

  3. Hi Guys,

    I am new to Overlandbound and live not far from Solid Ground it's one of my favorite spots up here. I'd love to come meet up. Is the November 20th meeting still happening at 7pm?

    The third Tuesday of each month. 7 is the start of the mtg and if you want to eat or drink get there early

  4. Sierra Foothills Overlanders, an Overland Bound Meet-up

    November 20, 2018

    Meeting Recap


    Update sign in-sheet:  31 people signed in

    Member introductions:  Several new to the meet-up

    Any new ham licenses: None

    New OLB members:  None

    Youth program – Denise gave a great overview of the program and showed everyone the new Overlanding Playbook for kids on a trip.  Discussed the family day at Prairie City next April.

    Run Reports – Death Valley 6-day trip was reviewed with pictures shown and lessons learned talked about. 

    Mentorship – Klinton reviewed the newbie driving clinic that was held on the long Canyon Trail.  Lots of lessons learned. 

    Run reports.

    Adopted trail maintenance.


    EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Talked about lessons learned on the Death Valley Trip; see attached “lessons learned” sheet.  Reviewed the GPS clinic we will be having in mid-January in El Dorado Hills.  Mirek has secured a very nice spot for the clinic that has Wi-Fi. Exact date TBD.

    TRIP PLANNING: All trips will be planned using the OLB Rally Point.  If you plan a trip please have an alternate organizer just in case you can’t make it.

    December – Snow run to Uncle Toms Cabin.  Klinton K.

    January – Jim F. doing a pre-trip to Anza Borrego for a club trip in early June.

    March – Mohave Road Base Camp trip; Kent R.; 5-6 days date TBD.  We will have 1-2 base camps and take day trips out from there.  We also WILL find the air mail arrow north of Baker! 

    April – Prairie City family weekend.  Kent R., Denise & John D.

    May – Corral Hollow? Leader? https://www.overlandbound.com/forums/threads/corral-hollow-trail-lake-alpine-ca.415/

    May – Overland Expo 17-19 Flagstaff AZ

    June 14,15,16 – Intro to Overlanding for Couples; Lucy & Kent;  to Bodie Hills, Aurora Canyon

    June – Long Canyon Trail cleanup and campout; Dave D. Date TBD

    July –  Usal beach, Lost Coast Trail; Needs an organizer https://www.overlandbound.com/forums/threads/lost-coast-trail-usal-beach-shelter-cove-glass-beach-ca.5508/

    August – Fordyce Trail Tahoe NF;  Dan G.; dates TBD

    September – Richardson Lake; Kent R.; 3 days, with a crawdad boil one night (depending on how the catching goes). 

    October – Cowboy Country, NV; Kent R ; 4-5 days


    Continental Divide, Tom W. & Kent R.

    NEXT MEETING: Christmas Party, December 18th.  RSVP to the email that was sent early Dec.

    Death Valley Trip 2018 – Lessons Learned

    Kent R.

    • Too long of days. Personal preference would be departing camp at 0900 and in camp by 1500-1600.
    • Amber lights to the rear and front are awesome!  A survey of our club showed several members already have these lights.  The ones to the rear seemed to be the most important.
    • Rally Point is important for RSVP and updating information during the planning stages. If you don’t RSVP it makes it hard for organizers and you could miss updated info or be left behind.
    • Bring enough supplies for yourself.  Food, water, fuel.
    • Only one spotter.  We’ll do a spotter clinic next year.
    • Mobile radios work the best, portables have a very limited range.  Get your ham license  If you can’t for some reason, get a GMRS mobile radio and portable.
  5. Is the December meeting open to newbies, or would it be better to start with the January meeting?

    December Christmas party is open to SFO and Overland Bound members who have attended meetings during the year.  The January meetings main topic is to finalize the trips planed for 2019.

  6. FYI our meetings are still at Solid Ground Brewing (See RP) until we are able to move to the Shingle Springs location hopefully in a couple of months.  Thanks for you patience with this change.