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Morris Mountain Weekend Warrior Ride and Camp

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Morris Mountain Weekend Warrior Ride and Camp

We will be going to an offroad park to test out the vehicles. The park will have trails for stock rides and fully built rigs. Camping is available and I would recommend it for the comradery and chance to get to know one another more. The chosen park is MMORV, I have been to this park several times and it is a blast! Please read below for details on the park including park costs and rules. This park is very stock friendly and can also test the limits of any rig no matter how built it is. Please join us! Our FB group link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/265937607195804/

Park Info:
Name: Morris Mountain ORV
Site: http://www.morrismountainorv.com/index.htm

    Friday, October 26, 2018

    05:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
    17:00 Hrs GMT -5:00

    Sunday, October 28, 2018

    07:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
    07:00 Hrs GMT -5:00

    US Southeast




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Rally Point Notes:

Park Info:
Name: Morris Mountain ORV
Site: http://www.morrismountainorv.com/index.htm

Cost: Standard daily rate - $20.00 per day per vehicle
Weekend rate - $30.00 per weekend per vehicle
There is currently no charge for passengers.

Camping: Primitive camping facilities to accommodate guests who are on a weekend long trip. All guests are responsible for their own camping needs and supplies. There are local stores that can provide drinks, food etc., but you need your own tent bedding etc. Please keep fire in the designated fire pits, pack all garbage up when you are done, and respect other campers who may be sleeping after 10:00 pm. Showers and Bathrooms are now available at the park.

Vehicle Requirements:
1. Functional seatbelts for all occupants. (Must be worn at all times.)
2. Hardtop or functional roll bar that covers all occupants.
3. Battery tie down. No bungee cords.
4. Tow hooks, d-rings, or other point of attachment for recovery.
5. Spare tire and jack
6. Functioning taillights.
7. Mufflers with operating spark arrestors.
8. Tow strap and tree saver.
9. Fully functional brakes.
10. Charged fire extinguisher.

Suggested vehicle modifications for trail ratings.
Class 1 trails
1. Off road tread tires. Otherwise stock vehicle.
2. Operational 4 wheel drive.

Class 2 Trails
1. In addition to Class 1 modifications
2. 31" Off road tires
3. winch.

Class 3 Trails
1. In addition to Class 2 modifications
2. 33" Off road tires
3. Winch
4. At least 1 traction aiding device - locker, spool, etc.

Class 4 Trails
1. In addition to Class 3 modifications
2. 36" Off road Tires
3. Two traction aiding devices
4. Full 4 point minimum roll cage

Class 5 Trails
1. In addition to Class 4 modifications
2. 39" Off road tires or larger
3. 3 point harness for all occupants

Rules: The following park rules have been established to satisfy insurance requirements and most importantly to provide for your safety. The rules will be strictly enforced and are not negotiable. Please enjoy yourself.
1. Drivers and passengers ride at their own risk. Do not attempt an obstacle if you do not think you or your rig is capable.
2. No alcoholic beverages or mind altering substances which may impair a person’s judgment are allowed on trails.
3. Seatbelts are to be worn at all times by all occupants of the vehicle. No riding in the back of of vehicles such as pickups.
4. Passengers may ride in off road vehicles providing there are set up to accommodate passengers. Passengers will have to sign the same waivers as drivers. Both passengers and drivers must wear safety belts.
5. Only licensed drivers are allowed to operate an ORV in the park. License must be valid and presented upon request.
6. No person under the age of 18 may operate an ORV in the park. Passengers under the age of 18 must have a waiver consent signed by a parent or legal guardian.
7. Litter laws are strictly enforced. Please use the provided trash receptacles or take it with you.
8. No dangerous or controlled substances are allowed in the park such as firearms, fireworks, or explosives.
9. No hunting is permitted in the park.
10. Ride only on established trails unless there is a designated area explicitly stating otherwise. Do not venture into unmarked woods or off of the property. Please stay off the neighboring properties and the main roads.
11. Do not remove or destroy trees, plants, or animals. Tree savers must always be used when winching.
12. No open fires are permitted except in designated camping areas. Please completely extinguish camp fires before leaving your camp site.
13. Be courteous to other campers, keep noise to a reasonable level at night if others are trying to sleep.
14. ORVs must pass inspection and meet vehicle requirements.
15. No ATVs or motorcycles.
16. Be courteous to park employees and follow their instructions at all times.
17. No glass containers of any kind, no exceptions. Visitors will be inspected upon arrival.
18. No night riding.

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  • Start Point: Delta, AL 36258, USA GPS Coordinates: 33.48788, -85.66117 Notes: Morris Mountain Off road Vehicle Park

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