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Arizona Meetup plus Overnight Adventure

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Arizona Meetup plus Overnight Adventure

This is a great area to host an overnight trip and to have some training on various Overland subjects. Meeting in a mall parking lot for the day is so not Overlanding, unless of course you have a mall crawler only type of vehicle.

The area features tall pines, cooler weather, an off road trail that makes a loop that can be done with any 4 wheel drive vehicle. Low range is not needed, but sure does help. Nice open area to gather and spend the night camping and discussing things like: How to use a mobile Ham radio or even the handhelds, GPS/Map reading, Proper set up for trail riding, Proper setup for camping, etc...

The coordinates to the beginning of this trail/camping area is 34.8049635, -112.8793391 It is approximately 2 hrs northwest of Phoenix.


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  • Dirt Road



Channel Channel Value
  • GMRS channel 15

Todd Hoffmaster

  • Phoenix, Arizona 85053
  • 10/30/16


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  • Start Point: Prescott, AZ 86305, USA GPS Coordinates: 34.80496, -112.87934 Notes: The graded dirt road to get to the coordinates is wide and fairly smooth and can be driven in a 2wd car if so desired.

This rally point location and route can be downloaded if the buttons are active. The “Launch Google Earth" option will allow you to review the location in 3D. Please keep in mind, actual terrain may vary greatly. This should be used for reference only.

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  1. Not sure how it posted me as going twice.My old screen name is nogamelange. I will be going under “NOGAME” and don’t want to take up a spot with my old name. Sorry !!

    1. The coordinates are the meet up spot and depending on how many people show up we will choose the best campsite together. So maybe another 1/4 mile from the meetup area at the most. That area doesn’t get as much snow as you would think. Prescott had 4″ a couple weeks ago and we did the trail and it had very small patches of snow in the shade areas – none on the trails.

    1. Jim,

      Depends mostly on if this is a hit or not with the OB’ers. Heck, if only 3 people show up then I guess that it will be a hit. Haha

      Hopefully we will have someone knowledgeable with Ham radios who can educate me on getting started with my radio. I have loaded up some repeaters (using CHIRP) in the area and I just want to make sure that it all works.

  2. Today I biked out Camp Wood Rd which is close to where the meeting site is. The snow is gone but ditches and washes had some water in them and depending on the condition of various sections of road, there was some mud. Camp Wood, which is in great shape, is likely in better condition than the other, less maintained roads.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    1. Sounds great. The last time that we were there – 2 weeks ago the creeks were frozen over. No snow, little mud made for an easy ride around the loop. If anyone has a pair of branch loppers we can widen the thick wooded areas on the trail by 6”. The older 4runner fits with pinstripes, the newer ones not so much especially if you aren’t paying attention while driving the trail.

  3. I have to work Sunday but am thinking maybe drive over Saturday and not camp….. IS about 3.5 hours from Me, so not set in stone yet.


    Are you thinking about coming through Seligman and down that way? North Williamson Valley Rd will bring you down and then take a right turn at Camp Wood Rd.

  4. I hate to do this to everybody, but we just had a death in the family and the funeral is on Saturday. If you all want to continue this event that is fine with me I just won’t will able to coordinate it so we will need someone to take over for me.

  5. Are you thinking about coming through Seligman and down that way? North Williamson Valley Rd will bring you down and then take a right turn at Camp Wood Rd.

    Figured 89 would be faster to get south, then cut over someplace……


  6. I just saw these about the ride and overnight camping. I would love to go but I am a football fan with my team playing in the Superbowl AGAIN. Hopefully I can catch the next one. be coming from Tucson.