Home event Alberta Chapter of Pirate Off Road Nation presents Armada 2018

Alberta Chapter of Pirate Off Road Nation presents Armada 2018

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Alberta Chapter of Pirate Off Road Nation presents Armada 2018

It’s the event that we have all been waiting for, this is the main event page for Armada for the Alberta Chapter of Pirate Off Road Nation.
This event is going to start June 1st arrival time for everyone will be a little different I’m sure but the main event starts at 6pm and will go through until Sunday at noon. ( if you want to show up earlier or stay later that is completely up to you)
McLean Creek has some of if not the best terrain that we could offer here in Alberta. The trails will range from very beginner trails up to the most difficult terrain you can imagine.
There will be different runs planned for different times of the day, there will also be an event night for hosting drag races (straight line, up hill through a mud hole whatever your heart desires) evening are set for more of a gathering.
One thing that will be stressed is the drugs / alcohol on the trails, this will not at all be tolerated there will be plenty of time for all that fun while around the fire.
I know people are wanting to camp which is fine, myself and my officers will be heading out prior to the day of the event to look for a spot that is completely out of the way so we are able to host this event. You can trailer in your vehicle, you can also bring camping trailers, a tent or even sleep in the vehicle.
There are conservation officers that patrol the area as well, so please we are not children and we do not want to mess this up for ourselves or anyone else, so any douchbagery will not be tolerated either, example cleaning up after yourself. We want everyone to come out and have an awesome weekend spent doing what it is that we all love and joined this amazing krew for.
This is not only open to Pirate Off Road Nation we are hosting the event but if you have any of friends or family that want to come out and experience this whether it’s there first time out or 100th we would love nothing more then to have them with us.
I look forward to seeing you all again on that day

JUNE 1@ 6pm to JUNE 3 @ 6pm

    Friday, June 01, 2018

    06:00 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada)
    18:00 Hrs GMT -7:00

    Sunday, June 03, 2018

    06:00 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada)
    18:00 Hrs GMT -7:00

    CA Prairies Canada




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Brandon Doehring

  • Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
  • @Brandon Doehring
  • 04/09/18


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