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COVID-19 Update & Note to the Overland Bound Community

A Note About the COVID-19 Pandemic from Overland Bound HQ

Please consult the local, regional and national authorities for your area, and follow all directions for social distancing, sheltering in place and quarantine orders.

Community Updates & Information

Update as of 3/25/20 @ 18:15 PT

  • Overlanders living full time on the road and traveling internationally: Support Alerts Are Live on Rally Point/Resource Map. The Dev Team wrapped up the implementation of Rally Point to create a Support request. This feature is for overlanders who might be impacted by shelter in place or quarantine orders here in the US or abroad. You can create one here. 


  • RALLY POINT CREATION: We are urge all Members to cancel or reschedule their local meetups especially where mandated.  We are encouraging virtual meetups through platforms such as Zoom instead. Please reach out to info @ overlandbound.com if you would like help getting a virtual rendez-vous coordinated in your region!

We are thinking of everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19. We were saddened to read that OB 0395 @drizzlybearoverland was diagnosed and is currently fighting the virus up in the Pacific Northwest. We’re cheering you on through this thing, Grant! 

If anyone needs encouragement, support or just a distraction during these times, consider heading over to the Overland Bound Forums.

Stay healthy and wash your hands, folks!

A Note From Overland Bound HQ

Adventure is necessary. But it can wait. To say these times are full of uncertainty is an understatement. As the world enters into and maintains various levels of caution and isolation, we’d like to remind people to follow the guidelines set forth by their local government and authorities. We are currently under a shelter in place order here in the SF Bay Area, and many communities around the world are on the same path. 


As overlanders and adventure seekers, there might be great temptation to hop in your truck and head for the proverbial hills. But please take a moment to consider the communities you are traveling to and through. Your travel could inadvertently have a devastating impact on the folks who live in these remote areas, and their ability to address and respond to an outbreak.  


So, what can you do? Now is the time to plot and scheme and research your next big adventure. Take inventory on your equipment. Teach yourself orienteering. Explore Google Earth. Perfect the perfect camp meal. Considering making some small tweaks and adjustments on your ride? Thinking of making a trek through the desert in the fall? Get planning!


Again, please familiarize yourself and follow the directions given by your local government. Visit the websites of the disease control authorities for your country and listen. Be respectful and gracious to those who are keeping safety, health and essential services going. Stay safe. Stay grounded. Stay home.


There is plenty of adventure waiting on the horizon.



The Overland Bound Team