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Overland Bound was established in 2010 as a blog that focused on making overlanding welcoming and accessible to anyone who feels the call of the wild. Since then we have grown to a global community connected by the Overland Bound online platform that bridges the gap between digital and IRL connections and experiences. It doesn't matter what you drive because adventure is necessary.

Nirvana is a Sonoran Skillet

We found skillet nirvana in the Sonoran Desert. It’s salty and a tad spicy with a dash of smoke. We’re obsessed with these specialty ingredients and recipes to fire up your campfire cooking game.  Words by Overland Bound Staff

North to the Mountains – Part 2 of 2

When we left them in Part 1, the Van Stralen family was feeling good after traversing what was left of an avalanche in the British Columbia backcountry. Now things start to get really good/bad. Lots of winching, tons of recovery gear, ample good spirits.  Words and Pictures by Epic Family Road Trip OB 4010

Exploring Lincoln National Forest with 2 Overlanding Families

Throwing it back to when Epic Family Road Trip and their new friends Lifestyle Overland met up for a trek through Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico. Trails were traversed, winches were deployed, and lifelong friendships were forged in an unforgettable landscape.  By Epic Family Road Trip OB 4010 We had just completed the build […]

5 Essential Steps to Planning an Adventure

Photo courtesy of Brett Siegel // Summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere. We are days away from the official start of summertime, and what better time than NOW to cue up and plan for your next adventure outdoors? Here are five critical planning steps for those who are just now starting to stretch […]

Breaking Down the Tool Roll

Is a tool roll really THAT much better than a tool box? Yes. Yes, it is. Why? Because with one hand movement, you can see everything that you’re working with, which is especially useful when your rig isn’t working.

Rooftop Tent Camping on a Remote Island

The van Stralen family had another epic adventure last month exploring and cleaning up almost 60 miles of beautiful coastline off the Gulf of Mexico.  By Epic Family Road Trip OB 4010 This week we had the privilege of camping on the beach at the Padre Island National Seashore.   This is the longest undeveloped barrier […]

Dealing with an Overland Breakdown

Words and Images by Graeme Bell The trail rating was “moderate to difficult” but the weather had taken a turn for the worse and the track we were driving on a cold afternoon was anything but moderate. It was tough going. Tough enough that the Defender 130 needed low range and diff lock to conquer […]

Wheeling in Big Bend National Park

You probably know the van Stralen family from adventures on their YouTube channel: Epic Family Road Trip. If you don’t, you should. In 2015, the van Stralens embarked on an EPIC family road trip around the world. Most recently, they spent some time in Big Bend National Park in Texas. By Epic Family Road Trip […]

Exploring Red River Gorge

An overland adventure through Red River Gorge with words and images by Overland Bound member Jason Price. Outfit and Explore!

Overlanding with Disabilities

Overlanding in Africa can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re wheelchair-bound, it’s a whole new ball game. Seasoned traveller Louis Broodryk shares the clever ways he gets around on a continent where wheelchair access is limited and sometimes non-existent.  By Louis Broodryk Photos by Louis and Kareen Broodryk