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Podcast: Bronco Returns with Expert Robert Parker

Corrie and I had the opportunity to catch up with friend and Bronco heritage expert Robert Parker to discuss the history of Bronco and the explosive return in 2020. We hope you enjoy!

Podcast Episode 19 : What is Overlanding?

What is overlanding? Let’s cover this topic. Its an important topic. We want to encourage everyone to connect with nature and find their type of adventure!   For more of our founding principles, check out: Founding Principles

Podcast Episode 18 : Be Kind to Survive

We are kind because its the right thing to do. We are also kind because our life might depend on it.

Podcast Episode 17 : Rooftop Tent or Ground Tent?

Rooftop vs Ground Tents! What is the option best for you? I have opinions!

Episode 14 – My Rig Upgrades and What They Cost

By Michael Murguia Looking into buying your first overland rig? Congrats! You’re in for a wild and rewarding ride. Building your dream vehicle for wherever adventure takes you can be a long process full of research, planning, budgeting and creative problem solving. There are a wide range of vehicle upgrade/modification options available and it can […]

Change Your Life – Overland Challenge

We all need downtime. Adventure is necessary and sometimes we need a reminder! Just three days can make a huge difference.

Tornado Driving – What to do

We found ourselves driving through a tornado – here is what we learned.  7 Tornado Safety Musts: Go to a building Storm shelter or basement Small interior room Stay away from windows No overpasses Watch for debris Cover your head Register and log in to the Overland Bound site to download the checklist here: [wppcp_private_content allowed_roles=”subscriber,member,author” […]

Don’t Leave Home Without This – Overland Tool Kit Essentials

What’s in your overland tool kit? Every off-grid capable rig needs to have a tool kit capable of handling most repair needs on the trail. The kit is going to be vehicle dependent, so you need to do a bit of research on the basic tool requirements for the make and model of your vehicle. […]