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Creating Overland Routes in Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the best free tools for Overlanders. This is a practical guide for creating paths and routes in Google Earth to share or import into your personal navigation hardware. To get started, download Google Earth below! Google Earth Google Earth is a free 3d map application with incredible detail. as a […]

SoCal Meetup

  January Socal Meetup 01.07.17 Overland Bound is our community! Thank you to @Scott for putting together the Socal Meetup on Saturday and to @DominicMoschetti for creating the awesome video that captured some of the event. There were many different Rigs at all level of build, and many were meeting for the first time. It looks like […]

Overland Bound Podcast S1 EP05 – A Hard Landing

A Hard Landing A “hard landing” is when you come in hot, sun down, in the dark, maybe its raining, snowing, cold, and you have to set up camp. In this episode, Corrie and I share the details of one night in Moab, and a mighty hard landing. Cold, Ice, Snow, and a free-slide down […]

Essential Information!

Kicking off this New Year with answers to some often asked questions! What exactly is OB membership and how does it work? How do I connect with the community and other members? Where can I connect? How do I upgrade my account? Can I get a specific number? Here are the answers to some of […]

Overland Bound Podcast S1 EP04 – The Beginning

From the Beginning I’ve given accounts of how Overland Bound started in snippets on social media and in person, but never in such detail. I get asked all the time how it began and there isn’t one good answer. Overland Bound was officially started in 2010, but the beginning started long before then. Many things […]

Back to the Future Toyota SR5 Rig Walk Around

A chance encounter with Marty McFly’s Back to the Future Toyota SR5 resulted in this quick rig walk around. See a glimpse of the rig that started it all for many overlanders and Off-Road enthusiasts! Thank you for sharing Jack! The audio is a result of the environment! Thanks for understanding!   Discuss in our […]

Overland Bound Podcast S1 Ep.03 – Yeti and Yolo

We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with @thewildyolo “Yolo” and @thejeepcalledyeti “Yeti” and talk about how they met, what got them into overlanding, and what’s next! Their philosophy about life, the lessons learned and how they have created their own path is both genuine and inspiring. Join us for 30 minutes of awesome […]

Water – How Much Do I Need while Overlanding?

Don’t Take Chances With Water Of all your supplies and kit, this is the one thing that will most quickly present a clear and present danger to your life if you do not get it right. Overland Bound does not like to be dramatic about overlanding and the risks and challenges you will face because that […]