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February Overland Gear Round Up

It’s our February gear round up, and we have an assortment of overland gear that either packs up small or helps handle the packing. We asked Mercedes Lilienthal to give us her review on items that promise to deliver both high quality and size efficiency. Read on for this months review!

Minimalism and Overlanding

Back in the day, when I was a functioning member of society, I would spend every Saturday at my favorite hardware store. It was call De La Reys and now that I have traveled much of the world I realize that it was an incredibly well stocked and managed store.

DMOS Stealth: a Lean, Mean, Shovel Machine

Gear review and photos by Mercedes Lilienthal Jackson, Wyoming-based DMOS Collective designs and sells quality shovels to help you adventure: no matter if it’s digging your rig out after getting stuck or having it handy in case of emergencies. American-made DMOS shovels can even help build jumps for snowboarding or move soil to create and […]

Expediciones De Las Americas – An Adventure of a Lifetime in 6 Stock Jeeps

In 1978, a team of 14 people loaded up 6 stock Jeep CJs at the southern most point in South America and began a 5 month trek north to the Arctic Ocean. When Mike Arnold, a family man and business owner in Northern California, found out about the expedition he and his wife Sheri quickly realized […]

Why #vanlife Sucks

Brent Rose is a writer for Gizmodo, Wired, Outside Magazine, Deadspin and numerous other publications. He also roams around the country while living in a van. We asked him to write about his #vanlife experience, and this is what he has to say. (TL;DR – It’s way more complicated than Instagram makes it out to […]

Overlanding as a Way of Life

Graeme, Luisa, Jessica and Keelan Bell have traveled the world in their Defender 130 for over 10 years. This is a perspective on overlanding and the mindset of adventure based on their global adventures as a family. (Hint: You don’t need a fully built out rig and expedition time in Africa to be an overlander.)

Podcast 011 – Keep Our Trails Out of Jail

Trail Access and Land Use – Join the Conversation As the popularity of overlanding and vehicle dependent exploration has grown, so has the discussion around land use. More and more people are turning to the great outdoors to seek solace and balance from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. With our population growing […]

5 Tips for Surviving Outdoors in the Cold

For some, the recreation season ends when the days grow short and the thermometer falls below freezing. To some hardy souls, though, winter is just another season in a year-round devotion to the outdoors. For those in the latter group, cold temperatures bring a host of challenges that make outdoor recreation in the winter a […]

Overland The World FZJ80 Rig Walk Around

Ready for some overland rig inspiration? Meet Jeff and Monica Yaeger of Overland the World! We met up with them at the Overland Expo West, and we got to see their locked and loaded FZJ80 up close. This build is one of our favorites. The thought and consideration put into each detail is spot on! […]