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Overland Rig Feature: 95 Toyota Landcruiser

Rig/Rider Profile: 95 Toyota Landcruiser We have had the good fortune of running several trails with Overland Bound Member Dan Rich (#0582) and his 95 Toyota Landcruiser, and we asked him to share the work and modifications he’s done on his incredible rig. Needless to say, he was more than happy to share. Discuss in […]

Overland Without the Rule Book

We are big fans and followers of Luke Gelmi (Overland Bound Member #3482) and his overlanding adventures throughout Africa on his Royal Enfield. We asked him what inspired him to take this trip, and how he planned for it, and his answer caught us by surprise. He didn’t ‘plan’ it. At least, not the way […]

Threshold Braking 101: When Rubber Meets Ice on the Trail

This article is a starting point to learn more about threshold braking. We hope it helps keep you rubber side down on the trails! As many of you know, Michael and I had an ‘interesting’ experience in Moab recently that involved our rig hitting a patch of ice on a downward sloping trail at night. Spoiler […]

Overland Gear For Winter: How to Prepare for Cold!

Overlanding in the winter requires lots of planning, prepping and a thorough inventory of your gear. There are so many options available to help prepare for the cold, but what overland gear for winter should you focus on? In preparation for our 5 day trip to Moab this past December, we asked Overland Bound Forum Members […]

Overland Trip Planning: What do you NEED to Check?

Overland trip planning is challenging. Did you leave the iron on? It’s not that you don’t know what to bring, it’s that you might not bring it anyway. There is so much to remember, you need a list. Michael is more likely to grab a pair of sandals, jump in the truck and start driving, […]

Northstar X2 Power Battery Installation

Video alert: Northstar X2Power Battery Installation! Overland Bound #0000 was in need of a new battery and as a result from much research and discussion with our community, we chose the Northstar X2Power Battery for our 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. A deep cycle battery is different than a standard car “starting” battery. The difference is […]

When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

We recently connected with Overland Bound Member #0833, Isaac Marchionna about his mega loaded up overland rig that he uses every day as his daily driver in Downtown Portland. He gives us his insight into what to expect when you make your off-road vehicle your pavement pounder on the city streets! Discuss in our community

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Overlander

Overland Bound Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and represent a wide range of vehicles and expedition styles. There is one group of members in our ranks that stand out in their commitment to the Overland Bound mission, and that is US Military Veterans (especially those suffering from PTSD).  We asked Overland Bound Member #1023, William […]

Team Overland Is On A Mission

Healing Through Adventure Matt Havniear knows first hand how healing the outdoors can be. After being diagnosed with PTSD from his time in the Marine Corps, he found his healing journey was taking him off the beaten path and off-road. Once he realized how important Overlanding was to his well-being, he set off to create […]

Overland Profile: East Coast Defender

East Coast Defender Reinvents the Classics “It doesn’t matter what you drive.” We say this often and we say it loud. Overland Bound Member Rigs reflect this founding principle by representing a wide variety of makes, models, years and gear in our ranks. And as the overland industry continues to grow, more and more businesses […]